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Understand AWS Offerings

Ron Hoffman

I am working on a project where we are required to host our web application. I am evaluating different options and found that AWS cloud is a good option. I am reading various offering from Amazon Cloud  just to see if I need to be aware of them at development time.
I have a lot of questions which need some answers or understanding  from the Amazon experts since my company has never hosted an application on Cloud before. I request someone out here will help me understand below.

I see that a major offerings from AWS are
Elastic Compute Cloud
Simple Storage Service
Elastic Block Store
Elastic Load Balancing

I understand EC2 is virtual server instances that I can use and these come pre configured with OS or some software
I have the following questions -

1)  If I want to update the existing installed software (e.g. tomcat / apache) and Can I create a server instance using these updated changes and make them available the next time I create a new instance in Autoscaling?
2) How can I access this instance?
3) Can I use my hostname and what is Elastic IP?
4) How do I access it from the outside or SSH to instance or use RDP?

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Taral Shah

You started on a right note. The EC2, EBS, Auto Scaling, ELB, S3 are key components for AWS.
Answering your questions sequentially
1) Yes, you can do it. That is the concept of AMI. When you launch an instance it will come with preconfigured software. You can modify it or install new software. Once you are done with your changes, create an AMI of your instance. When next time you launch an instance from that AMI, whether its an independent instance or part of your ELB, it will have your changes / updates. http://www.newvem.com/topic/learning/guides/ami-guides/
2) You can access your instance from internet using public DNS provided by AWS. Each instance will have two DNS, one internal for inter region instance communication and other is public DNS when you want to access instance from internet.



Taral Shah

3) If you have hosted your application on EC2 instance, you can use your hostname. AWS provides Public DNS which is accessible from internet. Map the public DNS with your domain / host name in your domain name service. AWS also provides Route53 as domain name service for hostname and DNS mapping.

The Elastic IP is a static IP assigned to your account. It is not instance specific rather it is account specific. You can assign that elastic IP to any instance and can access that instance from internet using elastic IP. Refer AWS guides for more information. http://www.newvem.com/topic/learning/guides/eip/

4) You can SSH / RDP to your EC2 instance using elastic IP assigned to instance or public DNS. Refer guide for more information. http://www.newvem.com/connecting-to-aws-linux-instance-from-a-windows-machine/

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