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Why Glacier and not S3?

Ron Hoffman

Why should I use Glacier when it takes 4-5 hours to access my archives? What are the right situations for Glacier?


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Taral Shah

AWS S3 is one of the largest object storing services across the internet. It holds more than 1 trillion objects currently.

S3 is accessible over the internet and ideally suited for static content storage.

AWS S3 is ideally suited for frequent usage of data (e.g., uploading, sharing or accessing images, document files, static media, videos, and so on).  Along with CloudFront, S3 will provide low latency data.

Consider a case where a user just wants to store some data on the internet as backup and may not access it frequently. Like your personal data archive, some mail backup or archive, old files for audit purposes, etc… In the above case, when the user has less access to S3, the storage on S3 may be a bit more costly. AWS provides an alternative to S3 called Glacie,r which is an archival storage service that is almost 10 times cheaper than S3.

Glacier is ideal for cases like archival storage, backup or for infrequent file storage.


Ofir Nachmani

For a reference guide, visit: http://www.newvem.com/getting-started-with-amazon-glacier-part-1/  , http://www.newvem.com/getting-started-with-glacier-part-2/  & http://www.newvem.com/getting-started-with-amazon-glacier-part-3/

And for how-to guides for Glacier, visit:
How to Archive/Restore AWS S3 Objects to/from Amazon Glacier Archive
How to Create a Glacier Vault on AWS



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