How to Enable Notifications on an AWS Glacier Vault

How to Enable Notifications on an AWS Glacier Vault

Amazon Glacier stores all archives in a vault.  With Amazon Glacier, your data retrieval requests are queued and most jobs take about four hours to complete.  Since jobs take hours to complete, Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is integrated with the jobs. You can set one notification per vault and receive information like the job completion status. This guide shows you how to create notifications for a Glacier vault.

1. Sign up for the Glacier service and create a new vault.

2. Go to the AWS console and select the Glacier service to open the Glacier console. Click on the “Create Vault” button.

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3. Enter a name for the vault and Click “Continue To Notifications”.

4. In the Notifications page you will see three options. Select “Enable notifications and use and existing SNS topic”.

5. Enter the SNS topic ARN name and select the job types to receive notifications.

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6. To get the ARN of an existing SNS, go to the AWS SNS console and select the desired SNS topic. It will show you the ARN of the SNS topic.

7. Instead of using existing notifications, we will create a new notification for the vault. Select the option “Enable notifications and create a new SNS topic” and enter the information for “Topic Name” and “Display Name” (for receiving SMS, only in the USA).

8. Click “Create New Vault”.  The vault will be created, together with the SNS topic, and the configuration for the vault notification will be set.

9. Click “Ok”.

10. To receive email notifications for this Vault, go to the AWS SNS Console and select the desired topic.

11. In the SNS topic console, click “Create New Subscription”.

12. In the subscription option, select “Email” as the protocol and enter the email address that you want to use to receive the notifications. Click “Subscribe”.

13. A confirmation message will be sent to the email address provided.

14. Open the confirmation message and click ”Confirm Subscription”.

15. The subscription is now confirmed.

16. In the SNS console, you can see the email subscription.

17. Go to the AWS Glacier console and select the new created vault. Under the “Notifications” tab you will find the SNS Topic ARN that was configured before.

18. From now on, in the case of a data retrieval request of any archive on this vault, a message will be sent to the email address previously specified.

19. You can modify your SNS protocol to receive notifications via SMS (only for USA mobile services), HTTP or other protocols.


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