Introducing the AWS Utilization Heat Map by Newvem

Introducing the AWS Utilization Heat Map by Newvem

Utilization_rangeNewvem is proud to announce the public release of our latest feature - the AWS Utilization Heat Map.

Did you know that more than 15% of AWS clouds are underutilized?  That’s more than $30M of the $200M in EC2 spend that Newvem has analyzed over the past year!  What a waste!

Newvem’s Utilization Heat Map gives you a quick glance into your AWS cloud’s utilization, enabling you to monitor your utilization over the last 30 days, across regions and availability zones, business activities and more.

The heat map is a new feature within Newvem Cloud Care free and premium editions. Both free and premium Newvem Cloud Care users use the heat map to:

  • Make optimal capacity planning decisions
  • Visualize their AWS utilization by time series, machine type, region, and availability zone
  • Identify consistent usage and move it to a cheaper plan (such as Reserved Instances, hybrid or private clouds)
  • Increase utilization / scale up to meet peak hour demand
  • Reduce AWS total cost of ownership (TCO)

Here’s an example of variable usage of an e-commerce site operating in US-East:

Already a Newvem Cloud Care user?  Log into your account today to see your AWS utilization heat map covering the last 30 days.  You can access your heat map by pressing “Utilization Heat Map” on the left hand navigation menu.

Not using Newvem?  Sign up for a free Newvem Cloud Care account for powerful AWS health tracking, issue diagnosis, the Utilization Heat Map, and much more!

Why a heat map?  Our customers have been asking for an easier way to comprehensively visualize their utilization as it’s next to impossible with AWS tools.  The heat map is an intuitive approach that gives a clear picture of where usage is variable (darker in nature)  vs. steady (as lighter colors represent the minimum utilization levels) as can be seen in the use case I mentioned above.  In contrast to studying and trying to figure this out with spreadsheets, the heat map gives the full picture in one glance as well as a starting point for deeper investigation into improving cloud utilization.

Why is it important?

  • The Heat Map helps to make better capacity planning decisions, spot variable and steady workloads to better meet workload service levels, and reduce long term costs.
  • Poor AWS usage creates waste.  An average AWS user wastes more than 25% of their spend, while 15% suffer from underutilization issues.
  • The Capacity Heat Map is the first AWS usage heat map on the market and is FREE for all AWS users.

Why should an AWS user consider this from Newvem?

  • Newvem is the leader in cloud operations analytics, having analyzed more than $200M in EC2 Spend and $400M in total AWS spend.
  • Utilization Heat Map helps to solve tactical cost spiral and improve strategic workflow throughput with both Newvem’s free and premium features.
  • Newvem offers a free service that addresses and helps solve threats related to cloud costs, availability, security, and utilization.
Sign up for free:

About the Author

Cameron Peron is VP Marketing at Newvem.  Prior to this, he led the go to market strategy and execution behind several successful startups, including BIScience and Matomy Media. Contact him: [email protected] or on twitter: @cameronperon

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