Cloud Ops Made Simpler

Cloud Ops Made Simpler


There are a lot of tools and solutions aimed at helping cloud computing consumers with their operations. However, many of them respond to the cloud with tools and models developed for the physical world – i.e. the traditional datacenter. For too many people the common assumption is that a workload in the cloud is the same workload - just in the cloud. This approach overlooks the degree to which the establishment of a cloud footprint brings about complexity and change.

For most enterprises, keeping up-to-date with cloud innovation has become an enormous drain on limited time and resources. The key to gaining the full benefits of the cloud relies on the ability to make instant adjustments with the predictability that will make the performance of the cloud aligned with the underlying business, lowering costs, and reducing complexity. Traditional system monitoring approaches cannot accommodate the level of change and data analysis required to achieve these requirements.

Our approach

At Newvem, we believe cloud operations should be tackled from a fundamentally different angle. Our approach confronts the outcomes of resource fragmentation, taking the pulse of each resource at its node in the stack, identifying its service level variations and life-cycle events. We capture this data, which provides visibility to down-to-the-minute resource usage, tracking and learning the behavior of every resource. The data we capture enables instant adjustments, alerts and remediation of identified deviation - with predictability.

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