From Cloud Chaos to Cloud Clarity

From Cloud Chaos to Cloud Clarity: Newvem


Organizations, developers, and start-ups are increasingly adopting IaaS clouds as an alternative to on-premises infrastructure. However, with this adoption, cloud users are beginning to understand that what they get from the cloud is not necessarily what they expected it would be. As many organizations have found: getting onto the cloud has become easy, but effectively using it can be difficult; the result, all too often, is complexity and chaos.

The advantages of elastic, fast, and un-planned deployments, which the cloud offers, are quickly overshadowed by the uncontrolled resource usage that leads into multidimensional sprawl, and ultimately into unpredictable behavior. At the core of this scenario lie the operational models built by IaaS providers, in which every resource is consumed as a utility, with its own usage metrics, operational characteristics, and billing schemes.

Newvem believes that in order to align cloud computing resource usage with the needs of the cloud consumer, a new approach is needed, in which the cloud is truly tracked, measured, analyzed and remediated as a utility. We confront the outcomes of resource sprawl by tracking down-to-the-minute resource usage, learning the behavior of every resource, and identifying its service level variations and life-cycle events. Our technology is tuned for personalization and learns on-the-fly how each specific cloud footprint evolves.

Newvem highlights the areas in our customer’s cloud infrastructure that require attention and recommends the best solutions to match their specific footprint. By simplifying cloud complexity, Newvem simplifies cloud operations. We like to call this analytics-driven cloud management – Newvem’s new way – enabling you to move from cloud chaos to cloud clarity. Get the best from your cloud ops with Newvem. Sign up for free.

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