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 Cloud Smart Meter for iPhone and iPad

The first native iOS app for AWS optimization and decision making - anytime and anywhere.

The Bottom Line

What you need to know about your AWS cloud on the go. You no longer need to be bound to your desktop to perform. Get top level visibility on what matters most about your AWS cloud:
  • Trending costs
  • Operational risks
  • EC2 assets
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Identify Issues and Prioritize Actions

Drill down to specific costrisk, and asset insights directly from your iPhone/iPad to make decisions and take immediate action. Download now!

Trend Analysis

Designed for CIOsCTOs, and DevOps, Newvem's Cloud Smart Meter helps you stay on top of key changes that impact your AWS cloud with trend analysis reports on your AWS cloud's costsrisks, and assets. Download now!

Make Decisions and Execute on the Go

Using native iOS technology, Newvem's Cloud Smart Meter’s sharing tool makes it simple to share insights, resolve potential problems, and leverage opportunities with your team while on the go. Download now!

Share and Collaborate

Track costutilizationsecurity, and availability opportunities when they happen, from anywhere. Download now!