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  • Solve problems and reveal optimization opportunities

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  • Resolve critical emergencies as they happen

  • Expand specialized DevOps staff on-demand

  • Ensure your cloud meets business demand

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“Newvem matched us with the right solution provider to help meet our AWS deployment and ongoing cloud needs. Together with Newvem and Emind, we’re able to get on the right track in making our AWS cloud adoption successful to serve our exact business needs.” - Uri Meirav, CTO Wibbitz

What is DevOps On-Demand?

Imagine closing the gap between problem recognition and deployment. Newvem’s DevOps On-Demand helps to resolve emergency AWS issues and inefficiencies (related to cost, availability, security, and utilization) while ensuring long term cloud health care.

With DevOps On-Demand, AWS users can expect hands-off problem diagnosis and resolution, risk free adoption of AWS services, and high levels of AWS service.

AWS Support Desk by Newvem breaks through short term ‘broken-fix’ models and helps to improve long term cloud usage and healthy through:

  • AWS expert community – providing a wealth of AWS how-to guides, best practices, and insights from AWS experts
  • Newvem Certified Partnership Program - consisting of best-in-class solution providers and system integrators to solve targeted problems
  • Community forums – vibrant exchange between AWS users to help solve problems and improve AWS usage

Newvem hand-holds our customers throughout the cloud usage cycle to ensure an optimized cloud!

Analyze > Deploy > Improve > Fix.


“Emind is in the business of providing companies with Cloud Architects and DevOps services to wisely design, deploy, and maintain their highly available and secure environments on the AWS Cloud. Our partnership with Newvem enables us to pin-point and rectify configuration issues within customers clouds and ultimately ensure that cloud resources are always properly and effectively used.” - Lahav Savir, CEO, Emind Systems.
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