McKinsey Reveals High Levels of AWS Growth Using Newvem’s Usage Data

McKinsey Reveals High Levels of AWS Growth Using Newvem’s Usage Data

At Technomy 2021 in Tucson , Bertil Chappuis, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, explored how cloud technology is helping to boost business.

His talk focused on the high trending growth of cloud services on enterprise, small businesses, and individual levels.  Using Newvem’s AWS cloud usage data, Mr. Chappuis covered rapid cloud growth.

Adoption and growth of cloud services, like AWS (Amazon Web Services) has risen tremendously over the past 12 months.  “We [McKinsey] have been collaborating with them [Newvem] to get a little bit of a view of what’s happening out the… these are explosive numbers, very clearly. And it just shows the level of ground swell that we’re seeing,” says Mr. Chappuis.

Growth of AWS services:

  • Explosive growth: 25% of Newvem’s heavy users have seen their cloud grow between 3-70x
  • Growing: 50% of Newvem’s heavy users have seen some growth between 0-3x

The chart shared by Mr. Chappuis with his audience, is an indicator for AWS’s growth as a cloud service provider, and also reflects Newvem’s rapid growth as cloud usage analytics solution provider.

ELB - quotes Newvem is a win-win for everyone,” say Zev Laderman, CEO & Co-Founder.  “Amazon users win by becoming more proficient and efficient over their AWS cloud by better aligning their infrastructure with business performance.  Amazon wins with AWS customers adapting more AWS services and increased usage as a result of their customers’ cloud efficiency and proficiency, and Newvem wins as our usage analytics are being adopted by more cloud users.”

See the full video and excerpt on Techonomy.

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