Mistake #10: Not taking Advantage of Multiple Availability Zones

Mistake #10: Not taking Advantage of Multiple Availability Zones

AWS ‘Availability Zones’ is a simple feature that distributes a user’s workload across multiple data centers within a given region. We don’t even need to go as far as saying users don’t leverage AWS multiple regions to distribute their workload – the complexity and overhead in this case might be significant. AWS availability zones on the other hand are a simpler tool to pull advantage from distributed workloads in the cloud, yet users commonly overlook this capability.

Even when setting up Elastic Load Balancers (another cloud service in AWS), it’s common to see users balancing their workload among multiple servers in the same zone, missing the opportunity of reducing the risk of being affected by an outage by using instances in multiple availability zones.

Check this related insight - Servers are not Balanced across Multiple Availability Zones


Keywords: AWS availability zones,  AWS multiple regions, elastic load balancers, was instances

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