Newvem Introduces Its “Cloud Smart Meter” iOS App for iPhones and iPads

Newvem Introduces Its “Cloud Smart Meter” iOS App for iPhones and iPads

Newvem Smart Meter LogoNewvem is proud to announce the release of our first iOS application.  The “Cloud Smart Meter,” for AWS, is a native iPad and iPhone application that enables chief information officers (CIOs) and IT managers to gain clear visibility into their AWS costs, risks, and assets while collaborating with their teams and managing their clouds from anywhere and at any time.

With CIO and IT managers increasingly using mobile devices to manage and monitor their day to day tasks, Newvem’s “Cloud Smart Meter” gives cloud professionals much-needed bottom-line visibility and key performance indicators to manage, collaborate, and track your cloud usage. Together with Newvem Analytics, “Cloud Smart Meter” analyzes your cloud usage and reveals insights so that CIOs and IT managers can quickly identify issues such as unexpected trends in costs, operational risks, and inventory as well as act on Newvem‘s recommendations to correct these issues.


Download the iOS app for your iPhone or iPad here

Newvem iOS App - AssetsIn addition to offering comprehensive cloud visibility, Newvem’s “Cloud Smart Meter” utilizes native iOS technology to offer a richer experience with powerful features, such as enhanced analytics and easy sharing functionality for effective collaboration with team members. Among the key features of the iOS app:

  • Visualization of cloud trending costs, operational risks, and assets
  • Rich graphics with top-level and drill down views into your cloud usage
  • Operational risk reports covering spending, security, utilization, and availability
  • Powerful sharing tool for easy team collaboration, course correction, and decision making
  • Full iPhone and iPad functionality

ELB - quotes Current mobile apps do not take full advantage of the feature-rich iPad and iPhone native environment that can provide a true smart meter experience for cloud users,” says Zev Laderman, co-founder and CEO of Newvem. “Our iPad and iPhone app allows CIOs and IT managers to easily and clearly see how much of their cloud is currently in use and subsequently use only what they need.  Ultimately, cloud users win with an intuitive and effective experience that helps them to always have what they want to know at any time and any place, enabling a more profitable, scalable, and efficient cloud.”

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Newvem’s Cloud Smart Reader is currently available for AWS (Amazon Web Services) clouds.  It’s completely free and ready for your iPhone or iPad.  Download it here on iTunes.

[Cloud Smart Meter for iPhone and iPad - You need to know everything about your cloud. Get top level visibility on what matters most on your AWS cloud, trending costs, operational risks, and EC2 assets. Learn More]

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Cameron Peron is VP Marketing at Newvem.  Prior to this, he led the go to market strategy and execution behind several successful startups, including BIScience and Matomy Media. Contact him: [email protected] or on twitter: @cameronperon

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