Newvem Launches Analytics for Windows Azure Cloud

Newvem Launches Analytics for Windows Azure Cloud

Newvem analytics for AzureWe are thrilled to announce the launch of Newvem Cloud Operations Optimization for Windows Azure. This latest offering empowers Windows Azure users with straight forward visibility into their cloud inventory and usage, enabling better decision making, minimalizing operational exposures, and aligning cloud operations with business objectives.

Built for the Enterprise

Azure offers a natural extension to enterprise IT operations by allowing them to relieve IT resources and prevent bottlenecks.  With this powerful solution, enterprises can respond quickly to market needs with Microsoft’s enterprise-grade reliability. Public Cloud adoption in the enterprise centers on the developers need to provision servers to address the enterprises IT needs as well as meet new demands.

Cost is not the driver- the driver is time and the ability to get to market as fast as possible to meet business opportunities and quickly respond to emerging competitive markets. The issue is being able to unleash current bottlenecks of resource provisioning and to scale computing resources out of the enterprise and into public clouds. Today with Windows Azure, enterprises can relieve themselves from having to figure out their IT future capacity plans as they are able to scale out into the Azure Public Cloud as an extension of their on-premise data center.

Once the enterprise’s new public cloud capacity usage is measured, the enterprise can confidently choose the workloads that can be moved back to its data centers where these can be managed with higher SLAs and control. Microsoft serves the enterprise best by being able to meet both sides of the cloud equation.

Move Workloads between Windows Azure Public Cloud and the Datacenter

Scaling resources from Enterprises to Azure, Newvem helps users get a handle on workloads that are unleashed on Azure to ensure users know where, when and how resources are being used and if they are meeting business needs and expectations.  Providing users visibility and transparency into their resources and how they are being used ensures smooth scaling of resources from the enterprise.

Newvem is the first analytics and optimization solution for the Windows Azure cloud and is currently available as a free Beta offering. Create Your Free Account Now!

Take advantage of Newvem Analytics for Azure to:
  • Visualize Azure resources usage and trends
  • Associate business activities with cloud usage
  • Minimalize operational exposure and potential waste
  • Leverage expert crowd sourced knowledge and best practices

Newvem - Cloud Vitals for Windows Azure Cloud

With Newvem Analytics, you can easily visualize Azure baseline usage, vitals, and trends so you can forecast trends and see your baseline across VMs, applications and environments. You can align cloud usage with your business needs based on the consumption patterns (including recurring peaks, trends and bursts, and consistency of hourly usage) for specific business activities identified by Newvem. This transparency enables you to easily visualize your cloud’s costs, risks, and assets. Minimalize operational exposure and potential waste with recommendations to improve your compute and store decisions determined by an analysis of your overall resource usage. Additionally Newvem community experts for Azure enable users to leverage expert crowd sourced knowledge and best practices through an ever-growing library of how-to guides, FAQs, and articles. Check out our Windows Azure Cloud knowledge Center.

Video: Newvem For Azure - Costs & Assets Overview 

Newvem is the first analytics and optimization solution for the Windows Azure cloud and is currently available as a free Beta offering. Create Your Free Account Now!


About the Author

 is VP Marketing at Newvem.  Prior to this, he led the go to market strategy and execution behind several successful startups, including BIScience and Matomy Media. Contact him: [email protected] or on twitter: @cameronperon

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