Newvem Team Attends the IGT and Amazon Cloud Computing Annual Summits

Newvem Team Attends the IGT and Amazon Cloud Computing Annual Summits

Last week was an exciting and busy one for the cloud community in Israel. Two important annual Cloud Computing conferences took place in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv: The IGT Annual Summit and the Amazon Cloud Tel Aviv 2021 Summit.

IGT is the Israeli Association of Cloud Computing. This was the fifth year that the IGT international conference took place. This year the conference didn’t discuss the definition of cloud and how it is disrupting the IT world. Instead, this year’s conference had two themes: Big Dada and SaaS business. In a discussion I had with Mr. Avner Algom, Founder and CEO of IGT, he noted:

ELB - quotes Every year we strive to bring the international industry leaders and, as our community grows, it just becomes more appealing and it’s easier to get them to come. Without a doubt, the question “What is Cloud?” is behind us. This year’s conference focus is on Big Data and SaaS. These are important issues for cloud companies and cloud business as these are strongly tied together in the cloud”

The IGT keynote speakers were Amazon CTO, Mr. Werner Vogles, discussing Big Data in the cloud, and Rob Craft, Microsoft Cloud Platform Senior Director, together with representatives of Silicon Valley companies, like Sharon Barr VP from Couchbase, who lectured on the NoSQL Database Technology trend. . As a very early adopter organization, the IGT team strives to extend its online and social presence and its assets to provide new values to its dedicated community members. Recently, Newvem and IGT have been working together to publish the conference’s content through Newvem content and social channels.

No less important, the second conference, the AWS Tel Aviv 2021 Summit, was led by the Amazon Cloud team.  The Cloud giant’s CTO, Mr. Werner Vogles, started the day with a great presentation on the future of cloud presenting seven transformations of cloud computing.

His presentation raised interesting issues such as increased availability following “hardware as a software” perception, or HPC, that is enabled by the endless amount of resources in the cloud and how the cloud supports experiment and innovation. He also mentioned the tools that AWS cloud provides to support the enterprise hybrid cloud,  such as Direct Connect and S3 Storage Gateway.


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   Werner Amazon Cloud Tel Aviv

From the Newvem perspective it was great to hear him assert that AWS should make sure that its customers are running an effective cloud while AWS makes great cost reductions all the time.

From a high level view, the content of the conference also included a great practical presentation made by Ryan Shuttleworth, AWS Technical Evangelist, and two customers’ case studies. The first case study was presented by Udi Keidar, VP Cloud at ClickSoftware, a veteran ISV who managed to change and adopt the cloud for its enterprise customers successfully.The second customer presentation was given by Galed Friedman, VP operations at Onavo. He presented the Onavo advanced mobile solution operations deployment over AWS cloud, leveraging every AWS product they can in order to achieve a scalable robust B2C solution. Mr. Friedman is also one of our Newvem community experts. Check out his last post on how to control AWS data transfer costs.

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Both conferences were very interesting and educational, especially since they focused on optimizing the use of the cloud and identifying new capabilities that it supports, such as big data and fast pace of innovation.

And so, energized by learning about ongoing cloud developments, we returned home to continue preparing for November’s major AWS Re-Invent event.

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Ofir Nachmani is Chief Evangelist and Community Leader at Newvem. On his previous adventure, he led ClickSoftware’s Cloud adoption initiative. He also held several positions at Zarathustra SaaS development including product manager and company CEO. In 2009, ClickSoftware acquired the AST group and Zarathustra as part of it. Check out his personal cloud computing blog at

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Boaz Ziniman —

Now you just made me more mad for missing it :-) 
But we had a great ZendCon in the US so I think it’s a draw

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