MoovingON specializes in Uptime Management with 24/7 services, focusing on NOC, Tier1 & 2 support & production consulting for companies and enterprises in Israel and abroad. MoovingON offers maintenance and management of technological systems in a one-stop solution, which allows its clients to work without downtime and ensure service continuity to the end users at all times.

The understanding that technological systems play a significant role in achieving the goals of every organization brought MoovingON to create a range of services and tools that upgrade efficiency and effectiveness, thus increasing customer satisfaction and promoting business success.

MoovingON unique approach consists of three layers:

Monitoring as a tool, not a solution – the optimal answer for Uptime Management is a combination of technology, processes and human intelligence.
Top down approach - a broad outlook that includes all of the systems’ needs, from diagnosing issues at the service – application level and ending at the infrastructure.
Continued Uptime Management - creating a process that leads to awareness of the operating needs so as to ensure the technology solutions support the business growth.

Being on cloud nine nowadays has more than one meaning - with MoovingON you will be taking off with the best technology and of course you will be extremely happy to have a company taking care of your business to make your clients happy.

MoovingON provides 3 main packages:

Monitoring package - Designed for companies that have the technology as the core of their businesses thus the service must be available at any time (24/7).
Support package - Designed for companies that need to provide support around the clock or for companies that want to setup support team in a short time period.
Startups Package - Designed for startups that are in the development phase or startups that have finished development and are ready for going live. With MoovingOn’s service you gain a partner to handle all the operational activities with you, bringing you peace of mind to manage the growth of your business.

MoovingON was founded in late 2011 by 2 veterans with vast experience in operations management in both managerial and technical aspects. The company has a variety of customers including Startups, Hi-Tech enterprises and Datacenter operators.

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +972 54 591 0415