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N2W Software is proud to present Cloud Protection Manager (CPM), a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for EC2. It will help EC2 users to protect their data in case of: cloud outages, user errors, software malfunction or malicious attacks. CPM is the 1st comprehensive backup & recovery solution for EC2.

CPM provides:

  • Simple central backup management and monitoring of your entire EC2 environment.
  • Backup & rapid recovery of entire EC2 instances including all their data and configuration.
  • Frequent live and consistent backup (near CDP) of EC2 instances without any downtime.

CPM relies on existing snapshot capabilities of EBS and RDS to create a full scale enterprise-level backup and recovery solution.

CPM runs on a dedicated EC2 instance that acts as your backup & recovery server. Setting up the instance takes 2-3 minutes. CPM is managed by a secure, modern and user-friendly web interface.

Additional Features:

  • Flexible Backup Policies & Schedules
  • Rapid & Flexible Recovery – With a simple mouse click, recover in just a few seconds a complete instance with all its configuration and data volumes or specific volumes and databases.
  • Application Support – Makes sure your data is in a consistent state during backup.    > VSS support for Windows 2008 Servers.    > Backup Scripts Support for Linux & Windows Servers.
  • Agent-less for Linux environment – No need to install any backup software on your instances.
  • Automatic Retention – Automatically deletes old snapshots based on policy
  • Secure – All communication with CPM server is encrypted (HTTPS, SSH). CPM data is in complete control of the user.
  • Coming Soon: Disaster Recovery support across regions

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