Presentation: Managing Amazon Cloud Costs

Presentation: Managing Amazon Cloud Costs

Managing AWS CostsIf you’re on the Amazon cloud, then you’ve probably already noticed that the AWS bill you receive is exceedingly complex. If you haven’t already switched, than perhaps stories from peers have scared you off. With the complexity of the consumption-based bill, your cloud costs can get out of hand and you may not understand why.

In this presentation by Sonian, VP of Engineering Joe Kinsella discusses the reasons your bills may be excessive as well as the 5 steps you should take to reduce it. AWS does provide tools for managing costs. While they provide useful data, it is not a complete solution for medium or large scale deployments. To better manage your bill, you’ll need to:

1. Gain visibility Define a blueprint
2. Manage capacity
3. Rightsize
4. Optimize

Check out Kinsella’s full presentation to find out what you can to do manage your Amazon AWS costs!

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