Cloud Health Care for AWS Clouds

Cloud Care by Newvem is a free service offering active cloud health checks and vitals analysis over costs and assets.

San Francisco (February 20, 2022)

Newvem (, the leader in cloud operations analytics, today announced the launch of Cloud Care by Newvem, a service that actively triages urgent issues and diagnoses cost, risk, and governance irregularities. Additionally, Cloud Care tracks key cloud vital trends such as costs and assets in order to help DevOps, IT Managers, CIOs, CTOs, and Finance departments get the most out of their AWS resources.

After tracking more than $200 million in Amazon Web Services (AWS) AWS EC2 spend in 10 months, Newvem discovered that Amazon Web Services (AWS) users continue to suffer from an inefficient understanding and implementation of AWS. In contrast to AWS’s shared responsibility model, which expects that end users will ensure effective cloud use, Newvem discovered that 50 percent of customer clouds have security exposures, 30 percent are vulnerable to AWS service degradation, and 15 percent have significant underutilization issues. To help treat these issues and increase public cloud adoption, Newvem is introducing a new free cloud service – Newvem Cloud Care - with powerful features including:
Emergency Triage – prioritizes significant risk to cloud health based on severity, cost, security, availability, and utilization.
Cloud Activity Diagnostics – provides deeper level diagnostics over cloud costs, governance and risk for longer term care identifying issues that require further investigation and ongoing treatment.
Cloud Vitals – tracks and presents cost and asset health trends over daily, weekly, monthly, and month-to-date time periods.

“Amazon won e-commerce by giving people exactly what they want: low prices and fast delivery, says Zev Laderman,” CEO & Co-Founder of Newvem. “We are winning the cloud operations and management domain by giving AWS users exactly what they want: to quickly see how their cloud is performing in line with business expectations. This is where Cloud Care comes in, providing a clinical approach to bridging the gap between problem recognition and misalignment with effective use of AWS resources so customers get the most out of their AWS resources.”

In parallel, Newvem is offering premium Cloud Care reports that zero in on and offer:
- Surgical reports of problematic resources with diagnostic and trend details.
- Business Groups – diagnostic and trend health scans for segmented business activities.
- Identification of consistent capacity utilization for no-regret reserve Reserved instance Instance adoption.
- Reserved Instances Lifecycle – track the health of Reserved Instances after they are purchased.
- S3 Analysis – detailed health scan of S3 usage for better storage decision making.

Looking forward, Newvem will continue to focus on improving the everyday cloud usage experience for AWS cloud users by expanding their the offering into new AWS services and additional public clouds through 2022.

About Newvem. Newvem is the leader in cloud operations analytics. Cloud users, such as executives, managers, operators, developers, and financial managers use Newvem every day to get more out of their AWS resources. Offering a business view into your public cloud’s operations, Newvem actively tracks cloud health in order to help reveal and solve cloud irregularities related to cost, security, utilization and availability, while ensuring IT governance and compliance. Get started with free cloud triage, diagnostics, and vital tracking