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Profit from the Cloud


Profit from the cloud

For the past year, Newvem Analytics has been tracking and analyzing hundreds of thousands of AWS servers, successfully showing users how to save millions of dollars and improve cloud costs through our usage analytics application.

Initially, Newvem Analytics focused on giving developers and operators all of the detailed information needed to run a more efficient and effective AWS cloud. Now, through Newvem’s CIO and C-level Cockpit and Managerial View, we provide elevated views of cloud usage to help CIOs and IT managers better synchronize cloud resource consumption with underlying business demand and performance. Newvem helps to determine whether underlying infrastructure is in-line with the behavior of the company’s business so that cloud usage is aligned with company revenues and target margins.

When companies succeed in using cloud computing to increase profit and margin, they have the opportunity to achieve real cloud “nirvana”, and the cloud will become a natural extension of their data center.

Scaling and meeting demand

If clouds are able to scale on the fly to meet unforeseen or variable demand, companies can capture additional revenue that otherwise would not have been achievable. When demand flattens, fluctuates or declines as we have witnessed with the global recession, it is critical to immediately scale back infrastructure and reduce costs to ensure the highest possible profit margin from new levels of demand. Usage analytics allow users to see if their infrastructure is ready to scale to capture more revenue or if it should shrink to reduce unnecessary infrastructure cost. This approach increases shareholder value for any company, as increasing profit directly impacts a company’s price/earnings ratio and grows a company’s valuation.