Reserved Instances LP

Amazon AWS Reserved Instances Calculator

Make AWS Reserved Instances Decisions Without Stress with Cloud Reports

  • AWS Reserved Instance Calculator in Real Time
    Datapipe Cloud Reports continuously analyzes the utilization of your AWS cloud and identifies your reserved instance recommendation based on you usage patterns.

  • Recommends “no regret” purchase
    Cloud Reports indicates how many and what type of Reserved Instances could cover your consistent usage.

  • Tracks RI efficiency
    Cloud Reports tracks the efficiency of your Reserved Instances purchases and alerts you when they are about to expire.

Amazon AWS Reserved Instance Calculator in real time by Newem

The AWS reserved instance calculator by Datapipe Cloud Reports is a true real time calculator that continuously calculates and recommends no regret / no risk reserved instance purchases to ensure financial efficient usage of Amazon EC2 reserved instances. This is not a gimmick or a spreadsheet not a simulator or an heuristic calculation! We believe that the best recommendation is made from real and actual usage data that ensures usage accuracy. It is a real analysis done by Cloud Reports Analytics in a non-invasive and non-intrusive way without any need to implement anything. Our system identifies consistent usage that will justify in a very predictable manner proper AWS reserved instances purchases to replace consistent AWS EC2 on demand usage.