Reserved Instances utilization

Reserved Instances utilization


Newvem continuously tracks and identifies your AWS EC2 resource utilization patterns on a per-instance basis, as well as on a per-instance-type basis. We also take into consideration what Reserved Instances you have purchased and the corresponding available reservations. Based on the analysis of this data, we identify how effectively you’ve been using your purchased Reserved Instances.

Newvem’s analysis of your AWS EC2 utilization patterns identifies the sustained usage of EC2 instances per instance-type in an availability zone. Such patterns reflect the baseline of utilization of that instance type in the select availability zone. If the user has Reserved Instances available, Newvem’s analysis take them into consideration, and determine whether the reservation is paying off.


Our identification of the issue is based on detecting utilization patterns that reflect sustained usage of EC2 instances of a given instance-type, in a given availability zone, and determining how well previously purchased Reserved Instances are utilized.

Useful Instructions

How to purchase an AWS EC2 Reserved Instance using AWS Console

  1. Open AWS Console, select EC2
  2. Click “Reserved Instances”
  3. Click “Purchase Reserved Instances”
  4. Specify your criteria and locate an RI
  5. Select the number of instances to purchase, click “Continue”
  6. Click “Purchase” to confirm your order

Additional Relevant Resources

Check: AWS documentation on Reserved Instances

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