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Newvem for IT Managers

Newvem helps see if you are operating in your usage equilibrium. We also help you make better decisions by giving you visibility into your AWS cloud costs, assets, and risks.


  • Comprehensive visibility to your cloud operations.
  • Resolve problems faster – identify issues and prioritize your activities by severity.
  • Save time with Newvem’s actionable operational insights.

The “net net” information you need to manage an efficient cloud

Newvem understands that cost directly correlates with how efficient and effective cloud performance is with meeting a company’s key business goals. Newvem offers quick visibility into daily trends and factors that influence the cost and performance of cloud consumption, including:

  • AWS compute costs, such as cost aggregations over daily, weekly or 30-day periods and an estimated predicted monthly cloud bill.

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) assets, such as compute instances and the Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes running behind them, associated costs with Amazon EC2 assets and quick detection of any level of severity for abnormal behavior.

  • Newvem analyzes and recommended actions to improve usage efficiency and effectiveness of AWS cloud resources to ensure your cloud is cost efficient and risks are minimal.

  • Prioritized operational cloud risks, highlighting security vulnerabilities, utilization levels, and availability exposures.