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How to avoid AWS Security Vulnerabilities?

Newvem’s CloudRadar has identified that around half of Amazon AWS users fail to properly configure their AWS security groups. This may be due to the ease to of adding or changing settings of current cloud resources without paying attention to IP ports being open to the Internet, making cloud instances vulnerable.Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 security groups are essentially inbound firewalls.With the correct set-up and use of security groups one can determine what incoming traffic is permitted to access the EC2 instances.

When you create your AWS account, a “default” security group is created in each region, it is recommended to create your own security groups with ingress rules that are specific to your application.

For example, in a three-tier environment, composing of a web tier, application tier and a database tier, it is best practice to restrict network access to your middle and back-end tier machines.

Newvem’s security insights are based on industry standards and best-practices constantly monitoring for security vulnerabilities and advising towards optimal and secure security group use.