Baseline Insights

Cloud Reports Starter Baseline Pack of Analytics

We want AWS users to experience the power of Datapipe Cloud Reports Analytics and thought the best starting point for users is to uncover potential waste in their AWS footprint and to recommend improved usage practices. Cloud Reports continuously scans your AWS cloud and presents insights to help you improve your AWS usage.

Financial Efficiency

Cloud Reports will show resources that are underutilized, where they are and the relevant time period we identify them being underutilized. Cloud Reports highlights which instances, volumes and other resources are not being used in an efficient way.

Reserved Instances

Cloud Reports will also give you a taste of our powerful AWS Reserved Instances Tool and will recommended RIs you should purchase based on your usage analysis.

Security Policies

Cloud Reports will identify configuration vulnerabilities in your AWS security groups such as IP ports and critical ports that are open.

Fault Tolerance

Cloud Reports will highlight instances experiencing high-load, unbalanced AWS Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs), volumes not backed up and outdated backups.