AWS Business Views

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Link business to cloud usage

Business Views through the Datapipe Cloud Reports' Business Groups in a Glance:

Users throughout our Beta process asked us to provide the ability to tie infrastructure elements to their business units, activities, entities, projects, services and other business associations. We listened to our users and are rolling out the first phase of our Business Views capabilities that tie Cloud infrastructure consumption with “the” Business.

What can you do with the Datapipe Cloud Reports' Business Groups?

  • Internal Business Views

See your cost centers, business units, P&L structures within your organization and the actual consumption of the associated Cloud infrastructure. Be able to track, account and analyze their precise usage and spend. Align your revenues with your costs, see how you can increase margins and profits from this correlation. 

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  • External Business Views

Tie your usage to specific customers, products and services and see the actual relationship between "demand and supply". Have demand trigger usage to increase revenues and maximize profits. Get Started for Free!

  • Granular Business Views

Create groupings of activities and projects for cost and managerial accounting efforts to be able to understand the actual costs of your business activities such as the cost to manufacture your products, projects, services, etc. Get Started for Free!