Premium Insights

Cloud Reports Premium Pack of Analytics

Datapipe Cloud Reports has developed Analytics for our Premium users. Our Premium Analytics go deeper into usage analysis to fine tune usage for higher loads, higher instance counts or higher service level that the Cloud Reports Analytics Engine is primed for:

Financial Efficiency

Cloud Reports highlights abnormal changes in your resources portfolio and associated costs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Cloud Reports provides enhanced AWS resource consumption visibility with greater granularity of resource operational metrics for: instances, volumes, load balancers and other AWS resources.

Security Policies

Cloud Reports will identify security configuration vulnerabilities at the instance level such as, instances open to AWS addresses, DB instances exposed to the Internet, and other mis-configurations.

Fault Tolerance

Cloud Reports will highlight and track instances that have scheduled events to make sure your deployment isn't affected by these events, as well as other potential points of failure, like unhealthy instances behind ELBs and more.