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 Datapipe Cloud Reports Analytics By Role

Cloud Reports for CIOs & C-Level Executives

CIO Cockpit & Managerial View – designed for CIOs & C-Level execs, the “CIO Cockpit” offers top down business views of your cloud infrastructure with bottom line visualization of cloud assets, costs, and areas of concern, so they can be aligned with business KPIs to realize expectations from adopting cloud computing.

Cloud Reports for IT managers

Cloud Reports helps you make better decisions by giving you visibility into your AWS cloud costs, assets, and risks. Cloud Reports analyzes and recommends actions when necessary to ensure your cloud is cost efficient and risks are minimal.

Cloud Reports for Operators

Cloud Reports ensures operational efficiency; "do more with less" to build and manage a cloud that easily scales with your business. Cloud Reports gives you the insights you need to better see, understand, asses and respond to vulnerabilities, abnormalities and other hidden issues.

Cloud Reports for Developers

Cloud Reports helps developers focus on their R&D efforts, while easing operational headaches, shortens the time it takes to get an app up and working on an AWS cloud, and helps developers operate an efficient deployment. Cloud Reports notifies when cloud issues arise, explains what they are, and provides knowledge to correct.