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Cloud Reports for Cloud Operators

Datapipe Cloud Reports ensures operational efficiency “do more with less” to build and manage a cloud that easily scales with your business. Cloud Reports gives you the insights you need to better see, understand, assess and respond to vulnerabilities, abnormalities and other hidden issues.


  • Comprehensive visibility to your cloud operations.
  • Resolve problems faster – identify issues and prioritize your activities by severity.
  • Save time with Cloud Reports’ actionable operational insights.

Best-in-class cloud operations by Datapipe Cloud Reports

Cloud Reports Analytics provides an extensive library of pre defined metrics, KPIs, reports, charts, indicators, best practice analysis and actionable insights.

Cloud Reports’ library provides comprehensive visibility to all facets and methods of how you would manage and operate your cloud environment.

An operator can configure numerous customized views for on going visibility across multiple resource groups, activates and topics associating key indicators and key hot issues they wish to track.