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Building Applications with DynamoDB: Overview and Best Practices

DynamoDB is the AWS cloud out-of-the-box NoSQL database service. Amazon cloud’s  customers can deploy their big data database tables in it and enjoy a fully managed service.

“Amazon DynamoDB is the fastest growing new service in the history of AWS.” Werner Vogles, Amazon CTO

This presentation brought to you by Matt Wood, Data-intensive Computing program manager at AWS. These slides introduce DynamoDB including how to get started,  its data modeling, the partitioning methods and analytics capabilities. If you  are considering what NoSql to use, DynamoDB is definitely one of the leading options.

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How to Increase the Root Disk Device Size of an EBS backed Windows Instance

How to Create or Modify IAM User Group

In this guide we will show you how to create and update IAM users and groups including how to configure and attach a new policy to an existing IAM group. We invite you to learn how  create a new IAM user.

In this guide we will create the group  ‘testIAMGrp’ without any policy at first.

Presentation: AWS EC2 and the Elastic Beanstalk

This presentation brougt to you by Jeff Barr, Senior Evangelist at Amazon Web Services. If you are new on AWS elastic compute cloud, this presentation includes some important basics on AWS EC2 includes a nice classification of  the different instances types (by EC2 compute units and memory).It also includes what’s EC2 security group, Elastic IP,  Elastic load balancer(ELB), CloudWatch, EBS and Auto-scalinng.

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This presentation will help you to get started with AWS EC2. Supported by the first part supports, the second part of the presentation elaborates on AWS Beanstalk  - put all the EC2 components together under the same roof. The third and last part  of the presentation details how to to use AWS Elastic Beanstalk with Git-based deployment of a PHP application.

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Cloud Security Management - Overview and Challenges

What’s your first priority cloud security concern ?

From an attacker’s perspective, cloud providers aggregate access to many victims’ data into a single point of entry. As the cloud environments become more and more popular, they will increasingly become the focus of attacks. Some organizations think that liability can be outsourced, but no, it cannot! This presentation will answer questions such as what are the key security challenges for new cloud comers. What are the options and how you can start with a safe cloud deployment?

  • The different Cloud security aspects
  • The cloud vendor versus the cloud customer - the responsibility perception
  • How Newvem helps its customers to avoid AWS cloud security vulnerabilities leveraging eco-system of cloud vendors.

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Managing Your Use of Amazon Web Services EC2 Reserved Instances

(This guest post written and contributed by Jeff Kaplan, Managing Director of THINKstrategies)

Sometimes trying to save money can become costly and complicated.

A case in point is the growing popularity of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs) which enable users to obtain spare cloud capacity in anticipation of future use.

Hadoop & MapReduce

This is a deck of slides from a recent meetup of AWS Usergroup Greece, presented by Ioannis Konstantinou from the National Technical University of Athens.
The presentation gives an overview of the Map Reduce framework and a description of its open source implementation (Hadoop). Amazon’s own Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) service is also mentioned. With the growing interest on Big Data this is a good introduction to the subject.

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