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How to Prepare and Protect Against Damage from AWS Cloud Outages

Newvem tracks the usage pattern of hundreds of Amazon AWS customers and has identified that more than 35% of its beta users are operating an Amazon AWS cloud with high vulnerability to outages.

Following today’s AWS outage, we find it important to refresh the following important information and best practices on how to prevent unnecessary downtime and damage from an AWS outage, protect your AWS footprint at the time of an outage, and ensure you can recover immediately after the outage.

AWS Simple Workflow Service (SWF) - Part 1

Programming Applications in Java with the Flow Framework for AWS’ Simple Workflow Service (SWF). In life, we often follow steps to accomplish something, for example, trying to figure why the lamp does not work. This is an easy problem at first. This gets more complicated when other people are involved. First, you need people qualified to do the work. Imagine a janitor in the above diagram. You communicate the problem that the lamp is out, you have access to them and they are qualified to fix this, and then they begin the steps necessary to do so.

Case Study: Newvem Supports DoubleVerify AWS Cloud Deployment

DoubleVerify is the pioneer in online media verification and the only provider of dual verification technology.

The company utilizes the Amazon cloud to meet their high demand and offer critical online processes. The services are deployed mainly on AWS US East and EU (Ireland) regions. The company’s online services utilize hundreds of EC2 computing instances and hundreds of terabytes stored on S3 simple storage.

4 Steps for a Successful Cloud Enablement Project

It is not a secret that enterprises today “look for their cloud”. Companies already have the dedicated 1-2 DevOps to initiate their cloud POC project. Start-ups are already there and innovation is taking place on the public cloud. Before you rush to start your first instance on AWS cloud, you must consider some important factors and put together your own plan for a successful cloud enablement project. What should such a project include? Are the simple best practices in project management enough? And, if not, what are the specific issues with regards to cloud? In this article I will introduce some basic guidelines on what is necessary to get started right with your exciting journey to the cloud.

Deploying Secure Data Backup Over AWS Cloud

This presentation brought to you by Lahav Savir CEO at Emind. Emind services are focused on large scale system design, implementation, deployment and management specifically for the AWS cloud.

In his presentation he describes cloud enablement services that were provided to a global organization. According to Lahav this organization provides software solutions and technology for the travel industry – handles huge volumes of near real-time transactions and reservations. These slides are a result of a cloud migration of an inefficient and costly offsite backup infrastructure that was meant to manage an incrementally expanding database of more than 2.8 TB of storage.

Together with the great new capabilities cloud presented a new approach of multi-tenant environments and the sharing features. In this great capability also buried a great risk of resources exposure. AWS Cloud resource sharing options facilitates your ability to moce resources and application across multiple accounts and enjoy some public out-of-the-box service., yet it can also create risks for your digital property. Newvem informs you when an object is shared for you to determine if this is warranted or not. Check our Newvem security features to learn more.

The described deployment taking in mind regulatory compliance rule that the previous six months’ material must be readily available in a systematized fashion with cross-platform search functionality. This secured backup solution presented is based on AWS technologies such as S3 storage and EBS volumes explaining how to deal with great chunks of data in a secure manner while leveraging Porticor, cloud security solution.

Hadoop & MapReduce

This is a deck of slides from a recent meetup of AWS Usergroup Greece, presented by Ioannis Konstantinou from the National Technical University of Athens.
The presentation gives an overview of the Map Reduce framework and a description of its open source implementation (Hadoop). Amazon’s own Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) service is also mentioned. With the growing interest on Big Data this is a good introduction to the subject.

AWS User ? Analyze Your Cloud with Newvem

Monitoring Your AWS Cloud Infrastructure

The presentation includes great overview on why and how to monitor an online application running on a cloud infrastructure. It is based on the author extensive experience running a high traffic real estate portal on AWS cloud infrastructure. In the presentation you will find a list of the different types of monitoring layers from the underlying infrastructure all the way up the application stack.

Prepare for the Next Cloud Outage: Analyze and Improve

It happened again… this was the second AWS outage in the same month. Did you fail to protect your service online? Don’t forget – you can’t pass your liability onto your IaaS vendor.

You can find a great amount of knowledge resources with regards to AWS cloud High Availability architectures in Newvem’s resources center, starting from Best Practice for High Availability Deployment all the way to knowing more about how to maintain availability for your specific environment, such as how to maintain a failover to MSSQL DB server, or a case study on how to replicate PostgreSQL DB Between AWS Regions.

Let’s Democratize Our Cloud Knowledge

We came up with the idea of establishing Newvem with its KnowYourCloud service about two years ago. We wanted to bring our past experience with the open source world and data analytic engine development into this new environment – the cloud. The idea evolved very fast as we understood that the infinite amount of cloud resources that are running on the amazing Amazon AWS cloud environment generates an enormous amount of data. Approaching new cloud adopters we weren’t surprised to find helpless IT leaders struggling to regain the clear visibility that they were used to having in their traditional on-premises environment. 

Architecture Blueprints for achieving High Availability in AWS

Cloud HA by Harish Ganesan, CTO at 8KMiles Cloud Solutions

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