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Choosing Between EBS-backed and Instance Store-backed AMI

Cloud costs can easily spiral out of control if you’re not paying close enough attention. It’s important to track your cloud usage patterns so that you know, with confidence, that you’re getting the most bang for your buck! Some of the decisions you’ll be faced with include whether you should be re-sizing an instance or if your EBS volumes are financially efficient. In this post, I’ll talk about how to choose between EBS-backed and Instance Store-backed AMIs.

How to Track Costs of Amazon S3 Cloud Objects

Case Study: Newvem Supports DoubleVerify AWS Cloud Deployment

DoubleVerify is the pioneer in online media verification and the only provider of dual verification technology.

The company utilizes the Amazon cloud to meet their high demand and offer critical online processes. The services are deployed mainly on AWS US East and EU (Ireland) regions. The company’s online services utilize hundreds of EC2 computing instances and hundreds of terabytes stored on S3 simple storage.

AWS Cloud Reserved Instances - Making the Right Decision

Reserved Instances are a killer feature from AWS cloud that can save 35-55% of your bill and assure capacity utilization. Since AWS requires a 1 – 3 years contract, the challenge is trying to figure if Reserved Instances are right for you and how to execute the move.

Newvem’s Reserved Instance Decision Making Tool analyzes your AWS cloud account and identifies the exact balance of on-demand to reserved of your EC2 instances capacity. We go a step further and track how efficient your Reserved Instances are used and notify you in advance when they’re about to expire.

Managing Your Use of Amazon Web Services EC2 Reserved Instances

(This guest post written and contributed by Jeff Kaplan, Managing Director of THINKstrategies)

Sometimes trying to save money can become costly and complicated.

A case in point is the growing popularity of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs) which enable users to obtain spare cloud capacity in anticipation of future use.

EC2 How-to Create Cloudwatch Alarm for an EC2 Instance

Cost Saving Tips for AWS Cloud Usage – Part 2, Reserved Instances

The first part of this series presented 15 tips for optimizing your AWS costs. In this section, we will talk about ways you can optimize your AWS costs by using Reserved EC2 Instances service.

Newvem Cloud Usage Analytics  RI Recommendation - Hourly Utilization (last 30 days)

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