Cloud Enablement

ClickSoftware – Great Case of an AWS Cloud Adoption: Part 1, Operations

Over the last year I had endless conversations with companies that strive to adopt the cloud – specifically the Amazon cloud. Of those I met, I can say that ClickSoftware is one of the leading traditional ISVs that managed to adopt the cloud.The Amazon cloud is with no doubt the most advanced cloud computing facility, leading the market.

4 Steps for a Successful Cloud Enablement Project

It is not a secret that enterprises today “look for their cloud”. Companies already have the dedicated 1-2 DevOps to initiate their cloud POC project. Start-ups are already there and innovation is taking place on the public cloud. Before you rush to start your first instance on AWS cloud, you must consider some important factors and put together your own plan for a successful cloud enablement project. What should such a project include? Are the simple best practices in project management enough? And, if not, what are the specific issues with regards to cloud? In this article I will introduce some basic guidelines on what is necessary to get started right with your exciting journey to the cloud.

Newvem Makes Analytics Simple for Driving Effective Use of the Public Cloud

Newvem-360-degree-view.jpgThe pace of adoption of cloud computing is evidence not only of its powerful economic advantages but also how easy it is to get into the cloud. But many companies are finding that using the cloud effectively is not so easy. The classic assumption is that a workload in the cloud is the same workload — it’s just in the cloud. But that isn’t true.

Cloud Compliance: Part 1- The Basics

This post marks the start of my new series on Cloud Compliance here on KnowYourCloud learning center. When finished in late
summer, my goal is that cloud users, particularly in Europe, will feel a bit more confident about cloud compliance; dare and know what questions to ask cloud providers; and be familiar with the basic regulations in Europe, and the cloud-specific concerns CIOs have when it comes to putting their data in public and private clouds. So first let’s start with …

Embrace the Multiculti Cloud: World wide cloud companies do great things!

Yes! We have Public, Private and Personal and now the Multiculti cloud. Joke! Multiculti cloud is like flying international instead of domestic or as a matter of fact - just taking the subway a couple of stops. Where do you think you will get most out of your trip? Do you want to stay safe in the hoods or do you want to expand your cloud journey and adopt international cloud services? It might be a good idea to look over the hill, ocean or border.


“+” the Cloud Less Control Button

A fact is that IT as a Service keeps taking market shares. The services are delivered as traditional SaaS, from a Managed- / Service Provider or as cloud services. We see growths in areas like IaaS and especially PaaS when application providers and vendors put applications in the cloud. But the speed is not what many expect. What’s causing this? I’ve been doing some thinking.