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How to Get and Set AWS EC2 Instance Metadata

Clear and comprehensive visibility into your cloud’s assets and footprint is critical in order to understand how your cloud and resources are being utilized. While Newvem provides you with complete visibility of your cloud resources’ lifecycle, you should also know what is required of getting and setting your AWS EC2 Instance metadata.

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How I Learned not to fear Amazon Cloud Lock-in

Following Max B. post on KnowYourCloud and based on questions received at AWS Usergroup meetups I realized that there is a reasonable (but sometimes exaggerated) concern about the level of lock-in to AWS. In this article we will try to put the problem in the right perspective and explain the practical lock-in considerations for the various services of Amazon’s cloud. 

What is vendor lock-in? Vendor lock-in is the situation where a business becomes overly dependent on a specific service or product provider.

Should I worry?

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