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Cloud Service Uptime Management – 5 Key Guidelines

24x7 uptimeAvailability and Uptime Management is one of five components in the ITIL Service Delivery area. It is responsible for ensuring application systems are up and available for use according to the service criticality and the defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Your uptime management team should analyze your online business availability requirements and ensure that optimized, cost-effective contingency plans are put in place and tested on a regular basis to ensure an online robust service that meets the business needs. For example, Internet ecommerce systems may have almost zero recovery RTO (Recovery Time Objective) in comparison to less critical, non-customer-facing applications where even a few days of recovery can be provisioned on a less expensive cloud infrastructure with limited redundancy capabilities.

Newvem on AWS – Customer Success Profile

Newvem AWS CLoud CustomerYou’re sitting at your desk when your manager comes in, or even the CEO. He says “I’ve heard something about that cloud thing. Can it really save me money? Is it secure?”

In this video, Newvem Board Member Mary-Lou Smulders explains how Newvem (previously referred to as ‘that cloud thing’) is building its business using Amazon Web Services.

How to Attach an EBS Volume with an AWS EC2 Windows Instance

The Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) offers persistent storage for the Amazon EC2 instances. Amazon EBS volumes provide a scalable storage service, which persists independently of the instance life. A user can attach an EBS volume to an EC2 instance. It is mandatory that both the volume as well as the instance be in the same availability zone. The user can assign a maximum of 16 EBS volumes to an instance. AWS allows the user to create the EBS volume.

The present guide demonstrates how attach an EBS volume to a Windows instance.

Cloud Deployment - Interview with a DevOp

What does a cloud computing expert need to know??Let’s dig into deploying applications in the cloud, and day to day operations skills. There’s a lot of material here. I recommend picking a few questions out of the bunch and focusing on those questions, rather than trying to cover all of them.

9 Guidelines for Scheduling AWS EC2 Instances

Scheduling EC2 resources

Leaving an instance running when it isn’t needed isn’t especially cost effective. But is there a better solution when you need to run short jobs on a recurring schedule? A cloud scheduler allows you “talk” to your cloud and pre-define when instances will start-up and be shut down, from development through to production. Essentially, it enables you to pay only for the time you need.

5 Challenges for an AWS EC2 Backup Solution

When you keep important business data in your EC2 servers, you need a backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution like you would for any server. For operational backup, the most efficient and effective approach in EC2 is to use EBS snapshots. These are the parallel of hardware snapshots in a traditional data center.In this post we will discuss the?challenges you encounter when you use EBS snapshots.

How to View, Modify or Delete Amazon Cloud Billing Alarms

5 Enterprise Cloud Predictions for 2022

imageI believe that this is the year when the enterprise will find its way to the cloud.

The mega Internet sites and applications are the new era enterprises. These will become the role models for the traditional enterprise. IT needs remain the same with regards to scale, security, SLA, etc. However, the traditional enterprise CIO has already set the goal for next year: 100% efficiency.

The traditional CIO understands that in order to achieve that goal, IT will need to start and do cloud, make sure that IT resources are utilized right, and that his teams move fast.

Hitting Your Cloud’s Usage Sweet Spot

Newvem’s breakout session at AWS re:Invent - “Hitting your cloud sweet spot” - was attended by more than 80 conference participants who heard from a panel of cloud experts on the status, challenges and gaps in their cloud operations. The impressive line of panelists featured Ed Laczynski, VP cloud strategy & architecture at Datapipe; Shane Myers, Operations at SmugMug; Andrew Kenny, VP Platform Engineering at Acquia; Eric Hammond, from and Chemi Katz, VP Technical Operations at DoubleVerify.

How to Enable Notifications on an AWS Glacier Vault

Hitchhiker's Guide to The Cloud

Newvem's eBook for Cloud Operations