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How to Enable and Use S3 Bucket Access Logging

5 Ways to Profit from Your Cloud

There’s more to cloud analytics than just saving costs.

When companies really know how to take advantage of cloud computing to increase profit and margin, they have the opportunity to achieve real cloud “nirvana.” The cloud can become a natural extension of their data center. Here are five ways cloud usage analytics contribute to a company’s bottom line -

How to Track Costs of Amazon S3 Cloud Objects

The Elephant in the Cloud: Bring True Cloud Economics to Hadoop/BigInsights

The massive computing and storage resources that are needed to support big data deployments in general, and Hadoop in particular, make cloud environments, public and private, an ideal fit. Managing your big data app, however, is no walk in the park - especially when considering the fact that these systems and application stacks often include other services beyond Hadoop such as: relational databases, other NoSQL databases and more, where each framework comes with its own management, installation, configuration, and scaling solutions.

Encrypt Your Data in the Cloud

Keeping data private and secure has always been a business imperative for data privacy and regulatory compliance reasons, and as businesses seriously consider migrating to the cloud, data security is one of the most significant concerns. Once data is moved to the cloud, it becomes vulnerable to a number of new threats, and data security must be addressed jointly by the cloud provider and the customer itself. In our presentation we will discuss the shared responsibility module, review the pros and cons of current approaches to cloud data security, and discuss new and emerging technologies such as split-key encryption and partially homomorphic key encryption that enables organizations to maintain data privacy in a public cloud environment.

This presentation brought to you by Ariel Dan, Co-Founder VP sales & Marketing at Porticor cloud security.

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How to Manage Separate Multiple Security Groups

We covered how to create and manage AWS security groups. In this how to guide we will extend concept with creating more than a single security group and assigning multiple to a specific EC2 instance.

Scale cloud application deployment over AWS can have different app servers, DB servers, email server, etc. It is advisable to create a separate security group for each functionality or for each port and assign to the respective cloud resources i.e. instances.

In this guide we will create multiple security groups, each will hold the following different functionality: Database, Web App, HTTP, Email. The steps follow important cloud security and firewall best practices.

Infographic Demystifying Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) dominates cloud computing, commanding 60% of the $2 billion public cloud marketplace. Here we demystify what goes on behind the scenes of AWS usage and show you how you can lower costs and increase availability with Newvem’s KnowYourCloud Analytics.

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AWS Cost Savings Tips for AWS Usage - Part 3, Consolidated Billing

In the first part of this series of AWS cost savings, we presented 15 tips for optimizing your AWS costs, while the second part focused on the Reserved Instance concept. This time, we will talk how you can optimize your AWS cost by using consolidated billing.

How-to Sign Up for Amazon Cloud Consolidated Billing

How to Connect to AWS Linux Instance from a Windows Machine

Hitchhiker's Guide to The Cloud

Newvem's eBook for Cloud Operations