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Amazon AWS storage basics: Stop the sprawl before it begins!

There is a common perception that cloud storage should not really worry you because it is very cheap and available at any time. But is that really true? I often hear AWS consumers say that AWS storage means S3 (Simple Storage Service) – this is true but it is not the whole truth. There are actually 4 different AWS cloud storage models. We’ll get back to those but first let’s focus on the importance of understanding your AWS S3 footprint.

Save Your Cloudy Money: 5 Important Manual Tips

In the last year I have had the privilege of meeting lots of companies that take advantage of the public IaaS capabilities. While most of the companies are already using Amazon AWS, unfortunately, I see many IT leaders that are having bad experiences with Amazon AWS resources sprawling out across their organizations, resulting in increased uncertainty of the monthly cost. It’s a fact that cost is becoming a sore point in the cloud adoption phase, so instead of opting for a smart and planned process, the bad experience leads the IT leader to return to the “good old” “old and good” environment and simply buy new servers.

It seems that the decision makers have accepted that cloud computing leads to lower IT cost. Although many experience savings while switching to the cloud, the total cost of ownership for most is still too high. So before you go and spend more money on additional monitoring and management systems, here are some tips to help you regain control and reduce costs immediately.

Predicting Costs on Amazon Web Services

By: Jeff Barr - Senior Manager, Cloud Computing Solutions at, Inc Learn how-to predict costs quickly and accurately. Barr presents his 5Ms model, gives specific application examples, and then prices the applications using the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator.

How Cloud Computing Will Change IT: 6 New Predictions - CIO Blog

IT is in a time of disruptive transition, caused by the rise of cloud computing. CIOs are in the midst of a maelstrom, and—like Ulysses, the fabled hero from Homer’s Odyssey—are torn between the Scylla of established IT practices and the Charybdis of the future, both of which loom dangerously and portend trouble. Also like Ulysses, many CIOs must inure themselves to the din of tempting Sirens: the vendors who sing a sweet song of painless cloud transformation, made possible by the purchase of some software, or hardware, or a set of cloud services.

Cloud Capacity Part 2: Plan Your Cloud Consumption

In the first part we presented some basic concepts and an overview of cloud capacity management. cloud capacity discussion has two main aspects:

1 - Infrastructure capacity management by the IaaS vendor to plan capacity of the cloud data-center to optimize utilization and decrease operations costs.

2 - Cloud resources consumption by the cloud consumers  (any IT organization such as a SaaS vendor) including planning capacity demand in order to achieve efficient consumption of the purchased cloud resources. In this part we will discuss this aspect.

Hitchhiker's Guide to The Cloud

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