CPU Load

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How to Setup the CloudWatch Powershell Scripts to Monitor a Windows Instance

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What’s CPU Steal Time?

One of the most important features of the cloud is the sharing of resources by multi-tenants. It is this sharing that enables the cloud operator to provide scalability and support “economies of scale” for its business. If the utilization of these resources is to be optimized, these resources must be shared between the cloud consumers.

What is Steal Time? The basic metric for how a server utilizes its CPU is the idle capacity – the amount of CPU that is free.

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How to Send Alert Emails Based on Your AWS Instance CPU Usage Alarm

How to Get Statistics on AWS EC2 Using Amazon CloudWatch

How to Use Amazon CloudWatch to View Your AWS Cloud Metrics

AWS Cloud Reserved Instances - Making the Right Decision

Reserved Instances are a killer feature from AWS cloud that can save 35-55% of your bill and assure capacity utilization. Since AWS requires a 1 – 3 years contract, the challenge is trying to figure if Reserved Instances are right for you and how to execute the move.

Newvem’s Reserved Instance Decision Making Tool analyzes your AWS cloud account and identifies the exact balance of on-demand to reserved of your EC2 instances capacity. We go a step further and track how efficient your Reserved Instances are used and notify you in advance when they’re about to expire.

Labor Day Weekend: Is Your AWS Cloud Under Control?

What happens behind the scenes in your cloud over Labor Day Weekend? Before you start thinking about lighting up the BBQ, make sure that your AWS cloud is under control and not creating unexpected surprises for Tuesday morning.

AWS offers an amazing pay-as-you-go cloud infrastructure solution. Yet finding the right balance between configuring and maintaining a cloud that is ready to meet your exact business needs can be a challenge in itself. Since we launched our private beta of Newvem Analytics, we’ve analyzed nearly 900 unique AWS clouds and have seen significant parallels between waste and holiday events.

On Memorial Day weekend, we discovered on average, a 12% increase in the amount of idle instances across our users’ clouds, as well as a 10% increase in instances with idle CPU. For heavy AWS users, just one of these small changes can easily result in $10Ks in wasted spend. More importantly, you probably won’t find out about, let alone be ready to handle, a potential problem until Tuesday morning. For this Labor Day Weekend, how can you ensure you won’t underspend if demand ramps up? And, conversely, how can you ensure you won’t overspend if business slows down over the holiday?

Here are 5 best practices you should consider to help make your Labor Day Weekend ‘Cloud-Care-Free”.