Running Ubuntu on Amazon EC2 in Sydney, Australia

australian flag cloudAmazon has announced a new AWS region in Sydney, Australia with the name


ELB - quotesIt is time to expand the AWS footprint once again, with a new Region in Sydney, Australia. AWS customers in Australia can now enjoy fast, low-latency access to the suite of AWS infrastructure services.” Read More

How to Increase Root Device Size of Linux Instance

When you launch an AWS EBS backed instance it will have an EBS volume attached as root device. AWS provides the option to select AWS EBS size when you launch an instance. This how to guide will provide information on how to re-size the root EBS device of your linux instance.

10 AWS Security Tips – Part 2, Extra Precautions

AWS Cloud Security TipsThe security of the public cloud is a topic of on-going debate. As an end user you need to worry about your data privacy and security. In the past we have heard a few cases where security of mega online services compromised such as Sony PS3, Gmail and Linkedin. This raise questions about whether public online services can be trusted.  Amazon cloud with its virtue of best of security implementation is still leading the race and there has never been a data breach of AWS cloud services.  The AWS cloud environment is also compliant with certifications and audits  such as FISMA, ISO 27001/2, SOC1T2 and more. You can learn more about AWS security features here.

In this article we will talk how you can enhance security of your AWS resource with extra precaution. We hope that using some of the tips offered in this article series will help you ensure proper safety of your AWS resources. In the first article, we presented some general as well EC2-specific AWS security tips. In this second part, we list ten more tips on the precautions you should take for the safety of EBS, snapshots, or AMI.

Labor Day Weekend: Is Your AWS Cloud Under Control?

What happens behind the scenes in your cloud over Labor Day Weekend? Before you start thinking about lighting up the BBQ, make sure that your AWS cloud is under control and not creating unexpected surprises for Tuesday morning.

AWS offers an amazing pay-as-you-go cloud infrastructure solution. Yet finding the right balance between configuring and maintaining a cloud that is ready to meet your exact business needs can be a challenge in itself. Since we launched our private beta of Newvem Analytics, we’ve analyzed nearly 900 unique AWS clouds and have seen significant parallels between waste and holiday events.

On Memorial Day weekend, we discovered on average, a 12% increase in the amount of idle instances across our users’ clouds, as well as a 10% increase in instances with idle CPU. For heavy AWS users, just one of these small changes can easily result in $10Ks in wasted spend. More importantly, you probably won’t find out about, let alone be ready to handle, a potential problem until Tuesday morning. For this Labor Day Weekend, how can you ensure you won’t underspend if demand ramps up? And, conversely, how can you ensure you won’t overspend if business slows down over the holiday?

Here are 5 best practices you should consider to help make your Labor Day Weekend ‘Cloud-Care-Free”.

How to Increase the Root Disk Device Size of an EBS backed Windows Instance

Presentation: AWS EC2 and the Elastic Beanstalk

This presentation brougt to you by Jeff Barr, Senior Evangelist at Amazon Web Services. If you are new on AWS elastic compute cloud, this presentation includes some important basics on AWS EC2 includes a nice classification of  the different instances types (by EC2 compute units and memory).It also includes what’s EC2 security group, Elastic IP,  Elastic load balancer(ELB), CloudWatch, EBS and Auto-scalinng.

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This presentation will help you to get started with AWS EC2. Supported by the first part supports, the second part of the presentation elaborates on AWS Beanstalk  - put all the EC2 components together under the same roof. The third and last part  of the presentation details how to to use AWS Elastic Beanstalk with Git-based deployment of a PHP application.

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How-to Restore an EBS Backed Linux Instance of an EBS (Elastic Block Store) Volume Snapshot

Expert Guide: How-to Automate an EBS Volume Snapshot

We use EBS volumes for persistent storage. To ensure we do not lose data and take backup regularly, AWS provides mechanism to take snapshot. Learn more on how to snapshot an EBS volume. In this guide, we will show, how to automate snapshots for an AWS EBS volume by schedule an automatic cron job. We will use Linux instance and see how to automate the snapshot using cronjobs.

How-to Sync Data Between AWS S3 Storage and (Elastic Block Store) EBS

S3Sync is a tool written in Ruby to synchronize system folders (EBS) and S3 buckets. In this guide we will shown you how to sync your EBS data with S3 bucket and vice versa.

We will run an EBS-backed Linux instance and sync data between our instance and S3 bucket.

To execute the S3Sync from your instance, you need Ruby (version 1.8.7 or above ) installed in your local machine. If you are running a Windows instance, download and install Ruby from  for a Windows local machine.

Cost Saving Tips for AWS Usage – Part 1

Currently IT departments and infrastructure providers are under increasing pressure to provide computing infrastructure at the lowest possible cost. Evolution of the Cloud computing paradigm has made software systems more scalable with a cost-effective approach. One of the most popular and innovative Cloud infrastructure providers is Amazon Cloud Services (AWS).

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