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Expert Guide: Use Amazon RDS for Your MySql DB

Amazon offers a cloud-based relational database service called RDS. The first type of database available via RDS was MySQL. Now Amazon RDS also supports Microsoft SQL Server express, web, standard, and enterprise, as well as Oracle standard and enterprise editions.

This article contains information on how to set up MySQL Community and then connect to a MySQL RDS instance with phpmyadmin. If you are just starting with Amazon cloud, note that recently Amazon announced its release of a free tier for RDS.

How to Move or Copy Objects between Regions

How to Manage AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) Objects

How to Host a Static Website on AWS S3

How to Get and Set AWS EC2 Instance Metadata

Clear and comprehensive visibility into your cloud’s assets and footprint is critical in order to understand how your cloud and resources are being utilized. While Newvem provides you with complete visibility of your cloud resources’ lifecycle, you should also know what is required of getting and setting your AWS EC2 Instance metadata.

Beyond GET and PUT: Sharing S3 Objects Effectively via HTTP (with some SDK Help)

Sharing S3 ObjectsThe Belgian painter René Magritte is famous for “The treachery of Images”, where it shows a pipe, along with the caption “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” (“This is not a pipe”).

The first time I read it I wondered why such a proposition, but kept reading, and discovered that he’s right: The painting is an abstraction of a pipe. As such, it tried to mimic a real pipe, as long as you didn’t try to use it as one (and if you’re tempted: don’t).

How to Manage an AWS S3 Cloud Storage Bucket

How to Create and Manage IAM user Keys and Signing Certificates

In this guide we will show how to create and manage AWS cloud user access keys and signing X.509 certificates for your AWS account IAM users.

How to Share your Local Drive with an AWS Windows Instance

How to Set up Programmatic Billing Access for Your AWS Account

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