Presentation: Managing Amazon Cloud Costs

Managing AWS CostsIf you’re on the Amazon cloud, then you’ve probably already noticed that the AWS bill you receive is exceedingly complex. If you haven’t already switched, than perhaps stories from peers have scared you off. With the complexity of the consumption-based bill, your cloud costs can get out of hand and you may not understand why.

7 Steps to Enterprise Cloud Heaven: Deploying a Private Cloud

7 steos to enterprise cloud heavenDeploying your applications on the cloud can have amazing benefits but only if it’s done right. There are key operational and IT processes that your organization will need to agree upon in order to make the most of your cloud. This presentation by Eucalyptus Systems, “7 Steps to Enterprise Cloud Heaven”, outlines what you need to know to deploy a private cloud.

AWS Cloud Application Integration Tools for ISVs

CloudtoolsAdopting the cloud  must come with a management solution strategy. Cloud Management refers to all cloud environment aspects and their related tasks. Tasks include deploying, monitoring, analyzing and more.

Many IT organizations today running to adopt the new disruptive cloud methodologies. Choosing to run a business on a cloud is a strategic decision, picking the right way to orchestrate your cloud resources should be an integral part of your cloud adoption strategy.

How to View, Modify or Delete Amazon Cloud Billing Alarms

AWS Re:Invent - High Availability Architecture at Netflix

The following presentation was created by Adrian Cockcroft - Director, Cloud Architecture at Netflix Inc. It contains slides from his talk at AWS Re:Invent November 2021. Adrian describes the architecture, how to make highly available application code and data stores, a taxonomy of failure modes, and actual failures and effects.

Infographic Demystifying Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) dominates cloud computing, commanding 60% of the $2 billion public cloud marketplace. Here we demystify what goes on behind the scenes of AWS usage and show you how you can lower costs and increase availability with Newvem’s KnowYourCloud Analytics.

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Monitoring Your AWS Cloud Infrastructure

The presentation includes great overview on why and how to monitor an online application running on a cloud infrastructure. It is based on the author extensive experience running a high traffic real estate portal on AWS cloud infrastructure. In the presentation you will find a list of the different types of monitoring layers from the underlying infrastructure all the way up the application stack.

In Depth: AWS Shared Security Model

AWS Shared Security Model - Slideshare presentation brought to you by the AWS cloud guys. The presentation gives a nice basic overview on AWS Security including the “Shared responsibility model”, features and products. If you are new on AWS this is a must in order to quickly understand what are the public cloud vendor’s expectation and will support your plans to move and utilizing the public cloud while outsourcing part of your IT security.

AWS Cloud Best Practice: Introduction to High Availability Deployment

After tracking more than $200,000,000 in AWS EC2 spend, Newvem has identified that more than 35% of its users operate an AWS cloud that is highly vulnerable to outages. Many cases were identified in which users had improperly configured Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs) and as much as 40% of users’ cloud data wasn’t backed up. High availability when deploying applications is crucial. This article will explain how Newvem analyzes your availability levels but first let’s talk about best practices when deploying applications in the cloud.

How I Learned not to fear Amazon Cloud Lock-in

Following Max B. post on KnowYourCloud and based on questions received at AWS Usergroup meetups I realized that there is a reasonable (but sometimes exaggerated) concern about the level of lock-in to AWS. In this article we will try to put the problem in the right perspective and explain the practical lock-in considerations for the various services of Amazon’s cloud. 

What is vendor lock-in? Vendor lock-in is the situation where a business becomes overly dependent on a specific service or product provider.

Should I worry?