Handling AWS CloudWatch Notifications with SNS

The Simple Notification Service is often overlooked when it comes to Managing Scale. It is actually one of the most useful services in the AWS backbone. This article will show you how you can leverage SNS to meet the demand on your Apps, as well as combining with CloudWatch.

Couchbase: NoSQL on the Cloud

Couchbase is an online real-time NoSQL database storage for an application. It is database packaged software.

Over half of Couchbase customers are hosting their Couchbase databases on Amazon cloud. Couchbase is using Amazon for their internal services, including QA and development, to make sure that the company living to their customers who are hosting their Couchbase over the Amazon cloud.

Amazon DynamoDB Part III: MapReducin’ Logs

As a farewell to our DynamoDB Series, we’ll look at how DynamoDB relates to yet another trendy Amazon Web Service product, Elastic MapReduce, combining it with Hive and other AWS Services.

Why is the following infographic important? For one reason: To remind us that there’s not a single machine that is able to process a whole sample at once.

DynamoDB Beyond the Mapper: Low-Level API, Using Ranges, Atomic Updates, Throughput and Monitoring

Dynamo is not just a Distributed Hash Table. In fact, it contains the following unique features like:

  • The Hash + Range Model
  • Atomic Updates
  • Managed Throughput
  • CloudWatch Alerts

DynamoDB, And What Makes It Special, Part I: The Mapper Framework

Have you ever worked maintaining a Database? If you haven’t, let me tell you: It’s challenging. At least 80% of the time you’re planning how to meet demand by analyzing indexes, looking over every detail outside the database  – like networking, I/O Throughput, filesystems, backup strategies, coping with availability, then replication.

Not a lot of fun, if you ask me.

Amazon AWS for the Retail Industry

The following presentation was created by Ryan Shuttleworth, Technology Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, in collaboration with Adam Bidwell, eCommerce Manager at Kurt Geiger. In a sequence of very informative slides, they discuss how retailers are using AWS to carry out a number of business critical functions.

The Elephant in the Cloud: Bring True Cloud Economics to Hadoop/BigInsights

The massive computing and storage resources that are needed to support big data deployments in general, and Hadoop in particular, make cloud environments, public and private, an ideal fit. Managing your big data app, however, is no walk in the park - especially when considering the fact that these systems and application stacks often include other services beyond Hadoop such as: relational databases, other NoSQL databases and more, where each framework comes with its own management, installation, configuration, and scaling solutions.

Cassandra Performance and Scalability on AWS

Summary of past Cassandra benchmarks performed by Netflix and description of how Netflix uses Cassandra interspersed with a live demo automated using Jenkins and JMeter that created two 12 node Cassandra clusters from scratch on AWS, one with regular disks and one with SSDs. Both clusters were scaled up to 24 nodes each during the demo.

This presentation brought to you by Adrian Cockcroft, Director, Cloud Architecture at Netflix Inc.

To learn much more check out Netflix Techblog

Keywords: Amazon Cloud Services, Apache Cassandra, Performance, Scalability, NoSQL, JMeter,  EBS, SSD