How to Create an AWS CloudFront Streaming Distribution (and Stream Media Using a JW Player)

AWS CloudFront is a content distribution service offered by AWS to speed up the distribution of static content, such as media files, html, js, css, etc. CloudFront serves its content through edge locations. As of Dec 2021, AWS had more than 35+ edge locations across the globe. When the user requests for any static content from CloudFront, it will find the nearest edge location to the user and deliver the content from that edge location to reduce the latency.

CloudFront can stream media file using Adobe Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP). The streaming file needs to be on AWS S3 and cannot be served from any other origin.

The present guide demonstrates how to create the CloudFront streaming distribution and stream media using the JW Player.

How to Modify the Instance Initiated Shutdown Behavior

AWS has two types of AMIs: Instance Store backed and EBS backed. The EBS backed instance can be started or stopped using AWS APIs or the console. The user can configure the application by connecting to the instance. In certain cases, the user can shutdown the instance from the OS directly. The present guide demonstrates how to change the instance initiated shutdown behavior. This is applicable to only the EBS backed instance and when the instance is shut down internally.

How to Monitor the EBS Volume with Status Check and Enable Auto Enabled IO

AWS status checks help the user to identify problems that would stop the instance from running an application. The AWS EC2 status check allows the user to monitor the status of system reachability and instance status. The EBS volumes are used for persistent data storage. It is always recommended to store the data to the EBS volume rather than having a transient storage for the persistent storage option. In the rarest of cases, there could be a probability that something could happen to the EBS volume, which could create inconsistency in the volume data. The AWS EBS volume status check helps to detect the impaired volumes. The impaired volume may not be available immediately.

The present guide demonstrates how to check the status of the EBS volume and enable auto enabled IO.

How to Launch an EBS Optimized EC2 Instance with a Provisioned IOPS Volume

AWS EC2 is a scalable, reliable and low-priced offering from Amazon for the user’s virtual computation or hosting needs. Current web and mobile applications require very high I/O for storing or retrieving plenty of data in order to deliver a rich and personalized experience. Considering this, AWS announced the IOPS Volumes and EBS Optimized Instance in August, 2021.

The present guide demonstrates how to launch an EBS-Optimized EC2 Linux Instance using the provisioned IOPS volume.

5 Things Toxic to DB Scalability Over the Cloud

Scalability is about application, architecture and infrastructure design, and careful management of server components.

If you’re using MySQL checkout 5 ways to boost MySQL scalability in the cloud-

  • Object Relational Mappers
  • Synchronous, Serial, Coupled or Locking Processes
  • Having No Metrics
  • One Copy of Your Database
  • Lack of Feature Flags

How to Send Alert Emails Based on Amazon EBS Volumes Throughput

AWS Direct Connect: Cost and Performance Considerations

AWS Direct Connect is a dedicated, secure, high-speed interconnection between AWS and a customer’s equipment in a Direct Connect location.  For AWS customers with high data transfer needs, this will result in improved performance at substantially lower cost. By bypassing the public Internet, companies can improve performance, reduce costs, increase security, and leverage cloud computing for more applications. With AWS Direct Connect, you can treat AWS instances as part of your data center LAN, allowing full integration between cloud services and your internal applications.

AWS Re:Invent - High Availability Architecture at Netflix

The following presentation was created by Adrian Cockcroft - Director, Cloud Architecture at Netflix Inc. It contains slides from his talk at AWS Re:Invent November 2021. Adrian describes the architecture, how to make highly available application code and data stores, a taxonomy of failure modes, and actual failures and effects.

DynamoDB Beyond the Mapper: Low-Level API, Using Ranges, Atomic Updates, Throughput and Monitoring

Dynamo is not just a Distributed Hash Table. In fact, it contains the following unique features like:

  • The Hash + Range Model
  • Atomic Updates
  • Managed Throughput
  • CloudWatch Alerts

Cloudpreneurs - McKinsey Reveals Rapid Growth of Cloud Adoption

The following presentation was created by Bertil Chappuis, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, and presented at Technomy 2021 in Tucson. His talk focused on the high trending growth of cloud services on enterprise, small businesses, and individual levels. Using Newvem’s AWS cloud usage data, Mr. Chappuis covered rapid cloud growth.