(Almost) Endless Space for a Spectacular Price: A Case for Simple Storage Service (S3)

Do you remember the last time you got stuck with a tough decision, like which backup NOT TO DELETE, so you could leave space for something else that suddenly gained a sense of urgency?

Or have you ever had a hard time because your web application static assets (JavaScript, HTML, jpegs or videos) got out of control, making it a pain to simply check out your source code repository?

How to Set up Programmatic Billing Access for Your AWS Account

How-to Improve Your WordPress Site Performance With AWS CloudFront

TWordPress with AWS CloudFronthis article guides on how to install and configure total cache plug-in, utilizing AWS CloudFront to improve and boost the performance of your WordPress site, and improve the user experience.  W3 Total Cache plugin is a performance optimization WordPress plug-in that improves your website online performance, by caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration. I invite you to use this guide in order to greatly improve your WordPress website’s speed using W3 Total Cache and Amazon AWS (CDN) CloudFront.


Deploying Secure Data Backup Over AWS Cloud

This presentation brought to you by Lahav Savir CEO at Emind. Emind services are focused on large scale system design, implementation, deployment and management specifically for the AWS cloud.

In his presentation he describes cloud enablement services that were provided to a global organization. According to Lahav this organization provides software solutions and technology for the travel industry – handles huge volumes of near real-time transactions and reservations. These slides are a result of a cloud migration of an inefficient and costly offsite backup infrastructure that was meant to manage an incrementally expanding database of more than 2.8 TB of storage.

Together with the great new capabilities cloud presented a new approach of multi-tenant environments and the sharing features. In this great capability also buried a great risk of resources exposure. AWS Cloud resource sharing options facilitates your ability to moce resources and application across multiple accounts and enjoy some public out-of-the-box service., yet it can also create risks for your digital property. Newvem informs you when an object is shared for you to determine if this is warranted or not. Check our Newvem security features to learn more.

The described deployment taking in mind regulatory compliance rule that the previous six months’ material must be readily available in a systematized fashion with cross-platform search functionality. This secured backup solution presented is based on AWS technologies such as S3 storage and EBS volumes explaining how to deal with great chunks of data in a secure manner while leveraging Porticor, cloud security solution.

How to Manage AWS IAM Roles

Highly Available Web Properties in AWS

AWS cloud products facilitate the way you can easily and in a reasonable time, deploy a scalable online  service on Amazon cloud infrastructure. The slides include schemes that deal with the different cloud aspects such as elasticity, performance and security. The architectures demonstrated uses some advanced AWS products such as Auto-scaling, RDS, Route53 and much more. The presentation is a bit long, take your time and you will find these AWS features that can help you understand how to get more of your AWS cloud account.

How-to Sync Data Between AWS S3 Storage and (Elastic Block Store) EBS

S3Sync is a tool written in Ruby to synchronize system folders (EBS) and S3 buckets. In this guide we will shown you how to sync your EBS data with S3 bucket and vice versa.

We will run an EBS-backed Linux instance and sync data between our instance and S3 bucket.

To execute the S3Sync from your instance, you need Ruby (version 1.8.7 or above ) installed in your local machine. If you are running a Windows instance, download and install Ruby from  for a Windows local machine.

Automating Maven Project Deployments on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Maven on BeanstalkThis tutorial will show you how to use the ingenieux Beanstalker Maven Plugin to automate deployment of Maven Projects into Amazon Elastic Beanstalk. Apache Maven is a project management tool popular for Java Projects. Based on the concepts of Inversion of Control (IoC) and Convention over Configuration (CoC), it lets developers evolve project functionalities and behaviors with minimal effort, by storing the project metadata in a standard file format, the Project Object Model (POM), in a headless fashion, but compatible with all the major IDEs.

Cost Saving Tips for AWS Usage – Part 1

Currently IT departments and infrastructure providers are under increasing pressure to provide computing infrastructure at the lowest possible cost. Evolution of the Cloud computing paradigm has made software systems more scalable with a cost-effective approach. One of the most popular and innovative Cloud infrastructure providers is Amazon Cloud Services (AWS).

Building a Scalable WordPress Setup on AWS

Scalable WordPress setup on AWSWordPress is one of the most popular open source blog platforms out there. It is used to power anything from simple blogs to complex portals, thanks to the variety of plugins the community has developed.

In this article we will describe the architecture options for deploying WordPress in AWS with scalability and high availability in mind. We will take advantage of the elasticity of the cloud and use more servers when we need them and less when we don’t (auto-scaling).

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