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How to Enable Termination Protection for an AWS EC2 Instance

AWS EC2 is a scalable, reliable and low-priced offering from Amazon for the user’s virtual computation or hosting needs. AWS EC2 instances can be launched or terminated any time. However, there may be a probability that the user may terminate the production instance by accident. To overcome the above mentioned problem, AWS provides a functionality called termination protection. Once enabled, the user cannot terminate the instance from the console or the command line API.

The present guide demonstrates how to enable termination protection for an instance.

Fast Secured AWS Deployment: Elastic Beanstalk, IAM and ELB for TLS (SSL) Serving

The latest trends on major sites is to serve content using HTTPS only. It actually offers several interesting advantages, like:

  • Protection against Man-in-the-Middle Attacks, where someone is able to hear your connection and get sensitive information (e.g. cookies)
  • Avoids (to some extent) some nasty Bots and Spiders
  • Conveys more trust from Users, especially those who always ask “Where’s the Key Icon I’ve heard about on TV?” (e.g., your parents)

Case Study: Time To Know Optimizes its AWS Cloud Costs with Newvem

Time To Know provides a breakthrough solution for today’s one-to-one computing classrooms.

The company utilizes a hybrid cloud infrastructure that combines AWS with a ‘co-location’ data center near its corporate offices. Time To Know initially adopted AWS with the aim of cutting costs. Having adopted the cloud after its processes were already in place, however, has left much room for improvement.

The ease of acquiring AWS instances sprawled the company’s footprint by 40%. It was clear they were spending too much money but not how that could be remedied.

Cloud Compliance: Part 3 – Choosing the Right (IaaS) Cloud Service Provider

In this part we will dig a bit deeper and detail the standards and regulations that some of the most common infrastructure (IaaS) Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) comply with and are certified for. CSPs are not always obliged to follow all regulations, but normally they have procedures to make their consumer cloud compliant. We also look at four of the IaaS giants and how they handle making you become cloud ready. To highlight some basic differentiators between EU and  US CSPs, a well-known European CSP is included too.

How to Update the SSL Certificate of an AWS Elastic Load Balancer

The AWS Elastic Load Balancer functions as a gateway for all the traffic to your data servers. The SSL, additionally, is used to encrypt data in transit. In order to keep your data safe, it’s not enough just to encrypt data in transit. There are more considerations that need to be made to keep your Amazon environments safe. For now, let’s discuss how to update the SSL Certificate of an AWS ELB. At the end of this post, I will circle back to the security issues that need to be taken into consideration.

How to Edit or Delete an Existing Listener from an Elastic Load Balancer

ClickSoftware – Great Case of an AWS Cloud Adoption: Part 1, Operations

Over the last year I had endless conversations with companies that strive to adopt the cloud – specifically the Amazon cloud. Of those I met, I can say that ClickSoftware is one of the leading traditional ISVs that managed to adopt the cloud.The Amazon cloud is with no doubt the most advanced cloud computing facility, leading the market.

Ultra Secure Data Center on Amazon Cloud

The following presentation was created by Lahav Savir - Architect and CEO at Emind Systems Ltd. Emind Systems is an AWS solutions & consulting vendor, serving ~100 AWS customers.

Emind Systems Best Practice for Ultra Secure Deployment on Amazon Cloud

In this article I will introduce our in-house best practice for an ultra-secure application deployment on the AWS cloud. This best practice is based on Emind System’s experience in performing dozens of infrastructure projects based on the Amazon Web Services’ platform.

How to Encrypt AWS S3 Storage Objects

Hitchhiker's Guide to The Cloud

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