Getting Started with Amazon Glacier Part 3

Get Started with Amazon Galcier Part 3In the final installment of this 3-part series, we will discuss data retrieval, account permissions, integrating with S3, and transferring secure data. To recap, part 1 introduced Glacier as an extremely low-cost storage service that provides secure, durable, and flexible storage for your data backup and archival. In part 2, we discussed some functionalities of Glacier including managing archives, creating a vault, Glacier durability and archive inventory. And now, part 3.

Archiving in the Cloud Using Amazon Glacier

Amazon GalcierAWS has introduced a new offering called Amazon Glacier, an advanced, durable archive that changes the traditional manual way of archiving.

AWS Glacier follows the similar concept and is ideally suited when you need to store your data files/objects, collected over years, in a reliable place. In this presentation you will find some basics on how to get started with Amazon glacier including some important tips and best practices.

Using the AWS Storage Gateway

storage gatewayThe following presentation was created by Arun Sundaram, Product Manager AWS Storage. It highlights the benefits of using AWS Storage Gateway for bridging on-premises applications with AWS storage, maintaining existing performance while leveraging the AWS public cloud “endless”, durable and highly available Amazon S3 Storage.

Learn how AWS Storage Gateway can help with corporate file sharing, backups and disaster recovery.

Getting Started with Amazon Glacier Part -1

Get Started with Amazon Galcier Part 1AWS S3 is one of the largest data storage solutions on internet, holding more than 1 trillion objects. It is highly reliable and provides scalable options for storing objects. AWS S3 is ideally suited when for frequent usage of data, e.g., uploading, sharing or accessing images, document files, static media, videos, and so on.  Along with CloudFront, S3 will provide low latency data.

How to Set Access Control (IAM) for a Glacier Vault

How to Track Costs of Amazon S3 Cloud Objects

How to Manage AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) Objects

How to Manage an AWS S3 Cloud Storage Bucket

(Almost) Endless Space for a Spectacular Price: A Case for Simple Storage Service (S3)

Do you remember the last time you got stuck with a tough decision, like which backup NOT TO DELETE, so you could leave space for something else that suddenly gained a sense of urgency?

Or have you ever had a hard time because your web application static assets (JavaScript, HTML, jpegs or videos) got out of control, making it a pain to simply check out your source code repository?

How to Set up Programmatic Billing Access for Your AWS Account