The Cloud Is Dead! Long Live The Cloud!

The Cloud Is Dead! Long Live The Cloud!

During the year I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk with people, read and study a lot of articles, sayings, and opinions about Cloud Computing. Finally, when as 2021 winds up, I’ve noticed some interesting positions in the Cloud community and definitely, last but not least, in the business community as to who uses or wants to use services provided through Cloud Computing. Here are some of my conclusions about what will happen during the coming year 2022 > Congratulations! High school begins!

I’ll try to keep this short. And I think I can, because it’s not complicated at all.

It’s not Cloud or the other. It’s Cloud AND the other. Cloud is a model to deliver IT services. Other models still and will exist, and they will co-exist with cloud services; Hybrid IT.

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Ok, a few more details:
  • We don’t see cloud as a problem. You adopt a cloud service if it fits your business. You install a system/application as part of your on-premise solution if it fits your business. You make them work together; there are some orchestrating apps and people for that.
  • It’s not an internal love affair between cloud service providers. It’s not even a love affair between cloud service providers and engaged IT Pros, evangelists, and journalists anymore. A sweet lasting smell of love is obviously starting to arise between cloud services and IT departments and non-IT business people.
  • The transfer of legacy applications (new cloud compatible versions, of course, and hopefully not cloudwashed) to IaaS and PaaS will accelerate.
  • Public cloud services continue to emerge faster than  Private clouds. Organizations tweak themselves to fit into the service instead of the reverse, which is far too expensive… and truly not necessary.
  • Sensitive and personal data is being moved to the Cloud.
  • The use of Cloud as a buzz term will start to decrease but it will persist beyond 2022. And it will certainly remain as a term used to distinguish the source and delivery model.
  • Compliance and lock-in issues will increase.

The hype is dead! Long live a great way to produce and use IT!

And here’s why:
  • According to Gartner, SaaS adoption increases and legacy apps decrease.

My comment: Approx. five years from now, I expect that the bulk of business applications will only be available as Services based on Cloud Computing.

  • MSPs, ITO Providers, etc., are starting to offer cloud services within their service portfolio.

My comment: They still don’t understand the importance of being able to create hybrids and to become true partners with CSPs. This has to be prioritized and evangelized by the Cloud business.

  • Cloud Computing knowledge is becoming more important when hiring new members for your IT team.

My comment: Companies are starting to understand the skills that are needed…not only by techies. If you’re building a business case, you have to understand what you’re building. If you want to be able to take advantage of something, you have to know how and what to take advantage of.

  • CIOs, IT Managers and non-IT Pros are strive to learn more about Cloud Computing.

My comment: This according to my own experience. Companies ask for presentations and classes about Cloud Computing and trends.

  • Naysayers, normally techies, decrease.

My comment: I simply don’t hear that many naysayers nowadays. Hopefully, they are starting to understand Cloud Computing is part of future IT and that they might have to change their attitude… Note! This is does not mean they shouldn’t  be careful and plan well before adopting services, not at all.

  • Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, HP, SAP, Oracle and all the others continue the battle in the Cloud.

My comment: It doesn’t matter; for you the battle means better services. It’s a tough market; services need to be great to be adopted. Price matters but quality, continuity, security, etc., is far more important.

One BIG threat:

David Linthicum posted his 2022 predictions a couple of days ago. Two warnings were featured and here’s one of them: Price wars. He pointed to the price war between Amazon, Google and Microsoft, but you can apply this warning to  several others as well.

It’s not only a problem when smaller CSPs can’t compete and “leave” the market. To me, it’s a bigger problem when only large CSPs compete. As David says, they can raise the price when the war ends and there we have it – the lock-in!

Compliance. Companies are struggling to follow rules and laws. If local regional CSPs aren’t available, companies will face problems related to compliance. I will explain this further in a separate post on

In other words:

Cloud Computing starts High School next year. You start to understand you have to work together to reach goals. You do disagree sometimes. You will soon decide your first career. Knowledge is important for that career. You start to realize that you’re not alone in the world. But you’re still not grown up. Maturity normally comes with age, for the Cloud too. Time for graduation at the end of 2022? I think so.

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