The Practitioners Guide to Cloud Security

The Practitioners Guide to Cloud Security

Practiotioners Guide to Cloud SecurityThere are countless benefits to cloud computing including increased efficiency, streamlined processes and reduced costs. It also, however, threatens the security of your online services. Admins may leave ports open to connect to their servers while also giving access to hackers. Additionally, server sprawl deems security unmanageable. Worst of all, security solutions on the market today don’t have appropriate business models and/or technology that can migrate and scale.

In this presentation, Co-founder and CEO of Dome9 Zohar Alon will explain the need to:

  • Take responsibility for server security
  • Harden authentication
  • Use a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect web services, sites, and applications and monitor requests
  • Log and analyze insights
  • Lockdown and Automate Server Firewalls with Dome9

Find out how you can manage your OS and virtual firewalls, enable time-based secure access leases and stop attackers from targeting open admin ports.

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About the Author

Zohar Alon, Founder and CEO at Dome9.  Alon is the Founder and CEO of Dome9 Security, and a veteran in networking security. He helped shape the early days of network security while at Check Point Software (NASDAQ:CHKP) where he built Provider-1, Check Point’s service provider’s management solution, which is still used today by the world’s largest MSPs and enterprises. Alon graduated from Tel Aviv University, and holds several leadership and advisory roles in venture-backed companies.

@zoharalon on Twitter Contact Zohar

About Dome9

Dome9 makes cloud security elastic with automated cloud firewall management. Available for the enterprise and hosting providers, Dome9 centralizes firewall management across Clouds, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), dedicated servers, and Amazon’s EC2 Security Groups, covering all major operating systems and service providers. Secure Your Cloud™ with Dome9.

For more information on Dome9, Check out Dome9 SecOps for AWS service and visit

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