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ClickSoftware – Great Case of an AWS Cloud Adoption: Part 1, Operations

Over the last year I had endless conversations with companies that strive to adopt the cloud – specifically the Amazon cloud. Of those I met, I can say that ClickSoftware is one of the leading traditional ISVs that managed to adopt the cloud.The Amazon cloud is with no doubt the most advanced cloud computing facility, leading the market.

High Performance Web Applications Using Amazon Web Services

The following presentation was created by Dr. Matt Wood, Senior Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS). It contains relevant information for those considering using Amazon Web Services to build high performance web applications. You will learn about the main building blocks (storage, compute, databases, managed services) for great applications and how to use AWS to support you along the way.

How to Enable Notifications on an AWS Glacier Vault

ClickSoftware - Case of a Successful AWS Cloud Adoption

During the Amazon AWS Summit 2021 in Tel Aviv (Israel) Udi Keidar - VP Cloud Services at ClickSoftware - went on stage to present a very interesting AWS cloud case of a veteran ISV (independent Service Vendor) that successfully delivers its new enterprise SaaS offering over the AWS cloud.

How to Enable and Use S3 Bucket Access Logging

How to Enable Notifications for Lost Objects in (Reduced Redundancy Storage) RRS

Amazon AWS for the Retail Industry

The following presentation was created by Ryan Shuttleworth, Technology Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, in collaboration with Adam Bidwell, eCommerce Manager at Kurt Geiger. In a sequence of very informative slides, they discuss how retailers are using AWS to carry out a number of business critical functions.

Amazon Cloud S3 Bucket Creation Policies and Guidelines

New “Managerial View” for IT Managers and C-Level Execs

Getting to the bottom line of your AWS cloud usage and costs just got easier.

Newvem is proud to announce a new powerful “Managerial View” now available within Newvem Analytics specifically for IT Managers, CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs.  The view offers a concise and high-level snapshot of their company’s AWS cloud usage and performance, allowing for quick identification of unexpected costs trends, operational risks and inventory bursts as well as recommending adjustments to meet overall business performance — from one single web pane.

In a quick snapshot the Managerial View presents:

How to Get and Set AWS EC2 Instance Metadata

Clear and comprehensive visibility into your cloud’s assets and footprint is critical in order to understand how your cloud and resources are being utilized. While Newvem provides you with complete visibility of your cloud resources’ lifecycle, you should also know what is required of getting and setting your AWS EC2 Instance metadata.

Hitchhiker's Guide to The Cloud

Newvem's eBook for Cloud Operations