Capacity, Consumption and Utilization

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What’s CPU Steal Time?

One of the most important features of the cloud is the sharing of resources by multi-tenants. It is this sharing that enables the cloud operator to provide scalability and support “economies of scale” for its business. If the utilization of these resources is to be optimized, these resources must be shared between the cloud consumers.

What is Steal Time? The basic metric for how a server utilizes its CPU is the idle capacity – the amount of CPU that is free.

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Getting Started with Amazon Glacier Part -1

Get Started with Amazon Galcier Part 1AWS S3 is one of the largest data storage solutions on internet, holding more than 1 trillion objects. It is highly reliable and provides scalable options for storing objects. AWS S3 is ideally suited when for frequent usage of data, e.g., uploading, sharing or accessing images, document files, static media, videos, and so on.  Along with CloudFront, S3 will provide low latency data.

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Case Study: Spot EC2 Instances Utilization by Vimeo

Vimeo on EC2

Presentation: Vimeo on EC2

Vimeo is one of the leading tools for online video today. Thousands of new videos uploaded every week and stored in AWS S3 Storage. This is a great case study of an implementation of an advanced cost efficient operations.

This presentation was presented by Vimeo cloud architects - Narendra Venkataraman and Peter McArthur at the AWS Summit in NYC 2011. This great knowledge resource for advanced AWS cloud users describes an automation process that uses EC2 on-demand, spot, and reserved instances to perform online tasks i.e. videos uploads and transcoding.

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