Cost Efficiency

Case Study: Time To Know Optimizes its AWS Cloud Costs with Newvem

Time To Know provides a breakthrough solution for today’s one-to-one computing classrooms.

The company utilizes a hybrid cloud infrastructure that combines AWS with a ‘co-location’ data center near its corporate offices. Time To Know initially adopted AWS with the aim of cutting costs. Having adopted the cloud after its processes were already in place, however, has left much room for improvement.

The ease of acquiring AWS instances sprawled the company’s footprint by 40%. It was clear they were spending too much money but not how that could be remedied.

Hitting Your Cloud Sweet Spot

Hitting your cloud sweet spot” was the title of Newvem’s breakout session at re:Invent 2021 . I had the privilege to moderate a panel of cloud experts, who joined us to share their cloud operations status, challenges and gaps. Our panelists members were Ed Laczynski, VP Cloud Strategy & Architecture, Datapipe; Shane Myers, Operations at SmugMug; Andrew Kenny, VP Platform Engineering at Acquia; Eric Hammond, from and Chemi Katz, VP Technical Operations at DoubleVerify.

How to View, Modify or Delete Amazon Cloud Billing Alarms

How to Create Billing Alarms For Amazon Cloud Using the AWS Alarm Wizard

How to Monitor Estimated AWS Charges and Create Billing Alarms

Getting Started with Amazon Glacier Part -1

Get Started with Amazon Galcier Part 1AWS S3 is one of the largest data storage solutions on internet, holding more than 1 trillion objects. It is highly reliable and provides scalable options for storing objects. AWS S3 is ideally suited when for frequent usage of data, e.g., uploading, sharing or accessing images, document files, static media, videos, and so on.  Along with CloudFront, S3 will provide low latency data.

AWS Direct Connect: Cost and Performance Considerations

AWS Direct Connect is a dedicated, secure, high-speed interconnection between AWS and a customer’s equipment in a Direct Connect location.  For AWS customers with high data transfer needs, this will result in improved performance at substantially lower cost. By bypassing the public Internet, companies can improve performance, reduce costs, increase security, and leverage cloud computing for more applications. With AWS Direct Connect, you can treat AWS instances as part of your data center LAN, allowing full integration between cloud services and your internal applications.

Hitting Your Cloud’s Usage Sweet Spot

Newvem’s breakout session at AWS re:Invent - “Hitting your cloud sweet spot” - was attended by more than 80 conference participants who heard from a panel of cloud experts on the status, challenges and gaps in their cloud operations. The impressive line of panelists featured Ed Laczynski, VP cloud strategy & architecture at Datapipe; Shane Myers, Operations at SmugMug; Andrew Kenny, VP Platform Engineering at Acquia; Eric Hammond, from and Chemi Katz, VP Technical Operations at DoubleVerify.

Newvem’s CEO Talks Cloud Adoption on Bloomberg TV

Thanks to an impressive showing Newvem had at Amazon’s AWS re:Invent user conference, attracting the interest of many long time large Amazon users, fortune 500 companies learning how to embrace Amazon and many AWS partners and resellers who see value in Newvem’s help to identify proper AWS usage for their customers, Bloomberg TV invited Newvem’s CEO Zev Laderman to their featured CEO sit down segment, in their prime business time program: “Taking Stock”.

Host Pimm Fox interviewed Newvem’s CEO Zev Laderman on the Cloud adoption phenomena and how Newvem helps AWS users get the most out of their AWS environment.

High Performance Web Applications Using Amazon Web Services

The following presentation was created by Dr. Matt Wood, Senior Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS). It contains relevant information for those considering using Amazon Web Services to build high performance web applications. You will learn about the main building blocks (storage, compute, databases, managed services) for great applications and how to use AWS to support you along the way.

Hitchhiker's Guide to The Cloud

Newvem's eBook for Cloud Operations