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Cloud Economics by BlueSnap

When it comes to traditional retail, price is everything. Whether selling through bricks and mortar stores or online markets, vendors of physical goods define success in terms of the amount of money derived from each individual sale versus the cost of goods and extra expenditures. If you are selling in the Cloud,  selling virtual or digital goods, you focus the bulk of your effort on driving traffic to your  site and converting visitors into buyers. Whether you’re selling content like videos, online games, or software and services through subscriptions, in the virtual cloud commerce world your digital inventory has no relationship to sales volume. The warehouse is always empty as your goods are virtual, electronic. Because of this, every increase in sales you can make from your traffic goes right to your bottom line.

Case Study: PostgreSQL DB Replication Between AWS Regions

In this article I describe how we created a redundant PostgreSQL database on the Amazon cloud using EBS snapshots as backups to deploy a PostgreSQL DB server DR mobile application for one of our customers.

PostgreSQL 9.1 includes new capabilities for asynchronous fast replication syncing between master and slaves. The master server streams new data to the current available slave. This version includes great improvements that generated significant fast WAL (Write Ahead Log) processing, which generates replication and fast launching capabilities for the slave servers.

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The Successful Cloud Lock-in!

Can a cloud vendor Lock-in be good for anyone? Yes, when they are backed up by exceptional successful service delivery.

I’ve talked a lot about vendor lock-in in my previous post  - The Devastating Cloud Lock-in on KnowYourCloud resources channel, so I decided to end this round up in a positive way – finally, lock-in can mean something good for both the cloud service provider and the cloud customer.

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Enter DynamoDB - 9 Steps Manual

The following presentation describe briefly how to start with DynamoDB to support PHP sessions. Check out the full article – PHP Sessions with a DynamoDB Backend, includes why to move to DynamoDB (AWS Cloud Scalable and Consistently performing NoSql as a service) and additional important considerations.

PHP Sessions with a DynamoDB Backend

The problem

When scaling an application, session sharing across multiple web servers is one of the first issues that need to be tackled. This issue is a bit more complex in autoscaling setups in the cloud where application servers are added or removed from the load balancer as traffic and load increases or decreases.

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The Devastating Cloud Lock-in

On LinkedIn there’s a discussion where the group members were asked to tell about the biggest challenge facing cloud and SaaS 2021. The thread includes more than 782 comments – and it seems that most of the comments are about the SLA, security and control.

I really don’t understand why security and service levels are big concerns. Yes, they are both important – but both should be fulfilled by the cloud as well as by the traditional outsourcing provider. I would add that it’s even more important for the cloud providers than their consumers. They face great risks if they don’t meet and maintain the required security and SLA. As we all know, it’s about being aware of risks and securing the proper data. 

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Cloud Washing – Don’t End Up Washing Your IT with False Clouds

There’s a lot of talk about cloud washing. Some people get upset and say things like it damages the cloud’s reputation, blurs the definition and slows down adoption of pure cloud services. What are cloud-washed services, how can you avoid them and choose true cloud services? In this article you will find some tips on how to end up with the cloud vendor that best suits your business needs.

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“+” the Cloud Less Control Button

A fact is that IT as a Service keeps taking market shares. The services are delivered as traditional SaaS, from a Managed- / Service Provider or as cloud services. We see growths in areas like IaaS and especially PaaS when application providers and vendors put applications in the cloud. But the speed is not what many expect. What’s causing this? I’ve been doing some thinking.

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Cloud Monetization and Subscriptions

So you have launched a startup – congratulations! It’s a sure bet that you are going to make millions. There is just one small question left: how, exactly are you going to make all those millions? In recent years, we have been informed about business models which expand the ways that business owners on the Net can finance their activities – whether from sales of virtual products (Stardoll Habbo Hotel), remuneration from Google for clicks by their users; by financed searches (Incredimail, Conduit), affiliate commission fees on transactions and leads and more.

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Don’t blame the cloud

I often read articles which say something like:

- ”Don’t go to the cloud, it’s not safe”
- “Office 365 down for several hours – what did I tell you”
- “Datacenter on Ireland knocked out by thunderstorm – keep it on-premise”
- “Companies will move back IT on-premise in the future, away from the service providers”

And that often said by trusted IT advisors and renowned journalists. This makes me a bit confused and irritated. I also ask myself: how trustworthy is it to diss the evolution?

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